Ableism (serious)

So, it has always struck me how you guys in the Douchebag Left claim to hate identity politics so much while selectively engaging on it.
Apparently, there are barriers in your comedy, while you think that there is no problem in fighting racism, you are not so keen on about fighting other forms of systemic oppresion, because it is not so socially accepted to do so, hell! Even boomer neocons think that being a transphobe or a racist now is a bad thing, reason why they love bootlicking people like Blaire White so much, as a matter of fact, despite her being a neocon, Blaire has, funnily enough, spoken against ableism.
As a real activist and not a slacktivist I have debated this extensively, both in real life and online, fighting the good fight, here are some points I want to debunk.

Ok. let's suppose we are talking about any other form of systemic oppresion. Do you use homophobic/racist remarks in a daily basis? Do you enjoy rape jokes? Do you sing out loud Moonman rap songs out loud?

Let's suppose for the shake of argument you are right. Doesn't life have inherent worth to you? Should we kill the elderly? Should we kill petty criminals? Should we kill NEETs? Should we kill endangered species?

So are we to this day.
As I speak there are still people mental illnesses or Down Syndrome forced to work 12 hours a day in SOUTH Korea private almshouses.

So were the n-word ( and homosexuality.

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That's an absolute, some of us do. I work a 9-5 because it helps me pay the bills and feel bussy so I don't fall deep into depression.

This is why Drumpft won, because the smug elitism among the Left.

No, mine is worse.
At least you have people to fight for you, at least you are not completely isolated, like us.

Why do you think so many trans people and autistic people say "fuck it" and turn themselves into far-righters. I am not concern trolling, this is a real thingy, look it up!
You may realise it or not. You are dividing us with your passive-aggresions, even heard of Alienation (Marx) or Deterritorialization (Deleuze)?

Is asking for people to stop hitting us, enslaving us, insulting us, spitting on us, raping us, bullying us, stalking us, isolating us or using us in crimes such as organ harvesting or prostitution REALLY THAT MUCH?! Is it really THAT controversial and unpopular?
Well, guess I am a SJW, sign me up then!
Check your privilege!

A huge amount of you do, not just unconsciously but openly. I have seen thousands of comrades liking eugenics programs, indirectly praising the US and Nazi Germany for you, the biggest powerhouses of eugenics in the world.

False claim and easily to check so.
If you are disabled and you work you don't get shit for free.

People should be free to seek treatment just like they should be free to refuse treatment.
Problem is: you are pussing people towards seeking treatment even if they don't want to.

Aren't we all? Get on my level, I am 2 deep 4 u.

I am not a big fan of the concept of ├╝bermensch to be honest fam.

Romans thought that forcing slaves to fight in a pit was hilarious.
Sade thought that introducing massive objects through an unwilling whore's asshole was hilarious.
Does it make it lawful or well-intentioned?

Socialism is when you hate the disabled, the more you hate the disabled the socialister you are as an individual.

Never claimed they were less intelligent, I despise racism and discrimination against LGBT as much as you do (maybe even more than you do)

What about people who deserve to be laugh at? What about letting ill, disabled and neurodiverse people alone?
What about not harassing unwilling people?
What about growing up? This isn't High School you manchildren.

Being that thing would imply that I don't take part into real offline activism, which I do often.

Fuck the disabled

I dont care.
Also yes I say "gay" and "faggot" on a regular basis.

Cool blog bro.

Perfectly fine in any healthy civilization, given the small cost imposed in return for greater cohesion.
Potentially very dangerous

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you posted the same shit on fucking Zig Forums
do you think we are retards or something?

Where did he say this. All he said was that you have to choose to seek treatment.

No surprise that OP is an off-boarder

This is gish gallop, you are just making a verbal diarrhea in hope some of it sticks. I am not intending to make a comprehensive answer, entangling all your false premises, factual errors and flawed arguments would require way too much time and effort. I will just use an opportunity to laugh at you.

Yes to all.

No, just radlibs.

There are still people without mental illnesses forced to work. The key is to liberate them all at once, and not just help your chosen identity category and see the rest of the world rot.

Cool strawman, retard.

They can't stand people like you.

"Arson, murder and jaywalking."
Also, calling prostitution a crime exposes you as a puritan. This is important, as it demonstrates that taboos and restrictions are your ideological goal, and your mental well-being harmed by being called a retard an excuse, rather than the other way around.

This just doesn't happen and isn't advocated anywhere in the liberal world. If anything, people are being denied treatment for various bullshit reasons (many of them "economic"). As a rule, the only people who can be forced into treatment are the ones who pose a danger to others.

Nobody ever accused you (or redditors) of being a good person.

Judging from how you think being called a retard is suffering, no, you don't.

Imagine being a radlib coming to an imageboard to bitch about local norms, and think you're advocating for (rather than insulting) people with depression. Just imagine this.

No. Socialism is concerned with economic liberation of the working class. Nobody ever claimed it will solve the problems of retards "hurt" by words.

Puritanical assholes pretending to have moral high ground are very high on that list.

Did you just insult people with retarded psychological development? Tsk, tsk.

stop getting triggered by humor libtard, your /trannypol/ thread ended with everyone agreeing you are making a big deal out of nothing

The REAL LEFT is starting to sound more and more like a Ben Shapiro facts and logic video


I know this thread is anchored but the left is really showing where it's allegiances lie.

I can't wait until a bunch of downies and spergs shoot up their workplace because of shit working conditions

Fuck jannies

I'm a sexual way? Sure as long as you're on the bottom.

The Disabled should be used as fertilizer in Kampuchean rice paddies

Funny because Pol Pot's armies were retarded. Its just better than being an intellectual because intellectuals like niggers fucking their wives while Retards just rape like a real man should

I dislike nigger culture and trans.genders but mental illness should be exploited to the extreme. I'm basically talking to myself because I'm the best.

Boomers yes
No but have them work and, if they refuse to participate in mutual aid of everyone present, cut off their support. Retards can still sort trash.
Only if they are farmed, see: European eel