Thank you mods for killing this board

This place used be cool. It was an alternative to /leftytumblrpol/.
Now it is just a shithole full of nazbols and Zig Forumsyps with thousands of shitty threads because of your laziness.

I think, it would be better to delete this board than continue like this.

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R.I.P. Zig Forums

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WTF you faggot don't you care about free speech???!!

The Left NEEDS to know my opinions about niggers and Capitalists and if you disagree you're just as bad as Zig Forums. Fucking SJW idpol censorship ruining my totally communist opinions, it's YOUR FAULT that I now support fascism.

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Found the Zig Forumscuck

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Kys samefag.

The problem is that people have stopped posting, that's it.
Mod interference is what actually ruins a board and asking for it is retarded.

so you think we need more posters than more mod activity?

Is there a reason people seem so reluctant to make new threads and discuss shit lately? I haven't stopped my own output.

What is it that requires my attention?
Also by looking at your post history it seems that you do nothing but shitpost and I starting to suspect you were the Jim profit poster and switched tactics.


We all lost hope and became tired

get fucked cunts. This board has been dead from the fucking start, there have been retards posting constantly since the fucking start. I only janitor here because otherwise it would be spammed to death and if every time some thread is removed or someone is banned you all throw a hissyfit. After the initial setup following the rojava mess the amount of posting here has been steadily declining anyway due in part to retarded sectarian users calling anyone from the board that has one or more letter than them litteral satan despite 90% of people on here crossposting, and also in part due to old bans going away and the natural washing and waning of users. There is no real reason why new users would post here instead of leftypol, the content is exactly the same except here its dead, slow, and full of shitposters and nazbols. Meanwhile, both boards have been declining in users, and small boards decline faster than larger boards due to lacking that core engagement cycle.
I honestly dont give a shit if you dislike it. If you dont like it leave, old BO on leftypol is gone anyway so you can masturbate about rojava all you want again.

I would love to see this whole board get reabsorbed into leftypol again but i know the current BO is kind of autistic about keeping it alive still, so as a sort of sense of duty I will keep deleting the occasional "niggers", "j00s", pedoshit, gore and porn spams.
I dont owe you shit and any efforts to whip this place into shape is met with autistic screeching about free speech and how "the mods are litterally demon pol pot"

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Zig Forums's old Body Odor is still a mod over there.
Rojava wasn't the only reason for the split.
Zig Forums is basically /r/socialism at this point. So no, here and there aren't the same.
Deleting porn on an IB is vile.
You are a dumb nigger and a living example of why mods are retarded.
Go fuck yourself.

Its a safe for work thread though, faggot.

Also, I didnt know you guys enjoyed 10 threads with images of big muscular guys taking it up the ass.

I think so, yes. Zig Forums only really died about several months ago, when UIPs dropped below some magic threshold. At that point, the bait threads from Zig Forumsyps & tumblrinas that had always harmlessly rained past the bottom of the catalog began to dominate it.

No amount of deletions or bumplocking can fix that, we just need more posters, more recruitment for them, and better threads being started to set an example.

Getting banned for disagreeing with a Twatter trankie
No, ze's still lurking, and…
The point at which I stopped posting on /madampol/ wasn't actually a ban, which is easy enough to evade with a VPN, but the sheer, escalating decay of the board's population caused by that moderation. I saw unironic complaints about imageboard culture, politically incorrect language, anti-identitarianism, the primacy of class, etc., and every time I lurk a /madampol/ thread, I see that it's gotten even worse.

Zig Forums is literally /r/ChapoTrapHouse right now. I am not going back as long as I can't argue freely against such subhumans without the need to tiptoe around some viral-loaded hotpocket's banhammer.

Thanks. This isn't the only board that happens with recently, makes me wonder if Chodemonkey has failed to patch yet another hole in the CAPTCHA.

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are things really that bad?

I literally can't even!

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>we're dying because you aren't doing good enough quality control
I know not everyone is arguing this specifically, but I just wanna say I've seen a lot of communities die in my time around image boards and this suggestion has never once turned out for the better. We need mods to clean up off-topic spam if we want a chance at a topical forum, this is true. But asking mods to get heavy-handed policing wrongthink is a one-way ticket to total community death because it prevents your community from grooming new users.

I'm reluctant to post in threads dominated by Zig Forumsyps because they live on a different fucking planet and their stupidity makes my head hurt.

Back to Reddit

Seriously. The quality of this board has suffered greatly in the past few months and in the past few weeks in particular.


I mean Leftypol mods are trannies who hate white men obviously

Btw the revolution won't happen. Unironically read Camatte

M8, if you can't even handle that I have bad news about making revolution…

Disagree, but mods are so disconnected from regular users that by this point I can't expect you to know.
That aside every single other point you've mentioned has been properly taken down by others. It's still kind of disapointing to see this type of stuff here when it's the reason I stopped going to /left*pol/, it's just obnoxious with no content, even if this place has no content at least it's not obnoxious or needlessly violent like all other leftist spaces online are, quick to ban and very antagonistic, yet still fully as devoid of content as this place at it's worst, the left as a whole no longer does community events or works on oc or keeping participation up, it's either dead or killing itself, and so far dead is better than beating your rotting horsecock off with a shovel.

Yes it literally is by now, too many people came in from other sites with the mentality of being a leftist, not being a specific class of leftist, this is fine but this is literally causing a major silencing due to majority speaking louder than the small guy.

We've had a "Guys what happened" thread every week for the past 6 months since I believe at the very least since the bookclub died. I haven't seen complaining this bad since mid 2016 which was arguably the beginning of the end for Zig Forums in general, quality was going down at a noticeable pace and a few oldfags came in to check things out after leaving for a while and were awestruck at the fact that things got so bad and spuratic yet they acted as if they didn't know why while openly answering themselves by saying they stopped contributing for a while.

Once again nazbol only scream the loudest, they don't make up the majority of the board.
Hell if you're that asshurt about it report and filter and encourage others to do the same, like

Says, he just wants people to know he hates le niggers, tell him alright or ignore him by not giving him a (You) and you'll quickly see how much more board quality improves.
That said I fully support banning them if it means the mods will also ban Zig Forumsyp's who constantly bitch on our board. But that obviously will never happen.
If this place gets deleted someone will just make a new board.

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That post was obviously sarcastic

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nah tbh famalam

But how do you know that it's cringe if you haven't read it?

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Effortposts are always made by narcissistic cringelords

I just checked leftypol, the mod asshurt at the top of every US politics general ensures I will NEVER post there. Tankies deserve slow torture.

go and eat a hamburger you fat imbecile, nobody cares about your third world country