Your ideals

youre wrong.
everything you believe is wrong.
communism doesnt work.
free speech is the only viable form of anarchism. (youd also be the first to be raped if anarchy was established)
socialism is bad
nigger people have low IQ
unions are eh
Marxism is very bad
gay people are both religiously and scientifically incorrect
you're wrong

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All true, but communism can work on a small scale when you remove the Jewish bullshit and replace it with faith in
See the Hutterites – 400 years of communism

IQ isn't 100% linked with genetics. A lot of your Autism Level is determined by educational upbringing. Live in a shit house, shit family, shit IQ. Problem will continue. Schools funded by poor people = lower quality of education.

Lower quality of education = shit life decisions. Other than that I pretty much agree with you. Weebs still need fucking gassed though let's be real.

Nigs have low I.Q.s across the board, nice try darkie

All true fam.
But just a tiny addendum, capitalism is even worse.
Enjoy having to deal with cultural capitalism fucking your life, ya fag.

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i didnt say otherwise

While it may be true, a lot of it has to deal with upbringing. We can say black people on average do have lower IQ, the answer is pretty simple on how Autism Level works. I didn't notice when you said gay people are religiously incorrect or scientifically incorrect.

I guess in terms of shit god in the sky yeah it is incorrect under christianity, but so is a lot of things. Tattoos, eating shrimp yada yada.

I don't believe in that garbage though. Scientifically you could argue sure they can't breed, but that is a descriptive claim there. It doesn't mean it's a bad thing. This would be a long conversation on philosophy I'm not willing to have on 8ch but would have it on discord or teamspeak.

a bunch of baseless graphs and crappy scare mongoring posters and one stupid comic doesnt make an actual case

It's all much more valid than an inferior cartoon watching manchildren thread tbqh with ya untermenchen ass.

Didn’t read lol

probably cause low Autism Level from shit family and education lol

Nice classism, faggot

Imagine my shock.

No, the problem is it's moeshit. I.e., normalfags in denial.

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Pedophile detected

That's all I needed to see from this dumbass board


The way this board treats autism but puts fags and niggers on a pedestal disgusts me

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based & redpilled my dear bucko yes based indeed also red fucking pilled yes yes really fucking based

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