I don't get identity politics

I don't know if this thread will get deleted or not but I don't understand Identity politics. Why can't we just say that we're all united against the capitalist class and that we accept and help in the same time people that are diffrent because of their identity (trans, gay, black…)
Why do some Communist parties reject recognizing trans people ? Can't we just not care as long as their against the capitalist class ?
Sorry if I asked a stoopid question.
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They have ghosts in their heads.

but they can do whatever they want to their bodies dawg

Because what will happen is we join them on a gay march, get waterboarded, shot, etc for their right to not be oppressed, only for them to gain the right under a capitalist system at which point they stop fighting against the system, contempt with their crumbs, and put on military uniform to kill people who were previously their allies.
There is no point in fighting any single struggle that isn't socialism, if the Mexicans or gays or whites or blacks get killed good no one should give a shit because it's not a socialist problem.
That said you're not banned from helping them out or anything I help out a few black nationalist groups, they're good people, but don't bother killing yourself or openly advocate for them as a main issue even in times of outright genocide, socialism first and foremost. History has told us many times over that if you help them first before you help socialism they'll just become a part of the capitalist fascist system and turn on you. Don't.

Oh an easy tl;dr for this is basically that they'll help themselves before they help socialism.

Maybe you should read a book, dumb bookless nigger ape

I dunno why are gays and trannies considered NOT mentally ill but people with depression, autism and schizophrenia are? Constructivism leads down a path of anything can be used to justify anything else

all politics is identity politics

to extent, yea you're right.

But it's literally not in multiple cases. Specifically economics.

What I've mostly noticed is that the ones that tend to be rabid SJWs and usually calls themselves "socialists" are trannies. r/socialism is plagued by degenerates.

I dunno, labeling yourself as a "Marxist de Leonist Trotskyite post-Posadaist" or whatever is pretty in line with tumblr genders.

Centrist tier false equivalency. Idpol is in specific the idea of putting identity before socialism the same way reactionary doesn't really mean "reaction to other politics" it's just a slur.

I'm pretty sure that excessively defining yourself based on abstract historical sects rather than just organizing under a broad label is pretty much exactly "putting identity before socialism."

What if they do both? Can't judge everyone by the same merit. Besides that's still not what idpol means even if it gives off similar effect due to socialism still being first unless you just mean some larping tankie kid who spends $50 on Russian snow hats to wear to his college class while not actually caring about socialism or whatever, in which case see point one.

the 2 conflicting points here dont have to conflict at all…
if you identify as socialist and something else unrelated but want to help us fight for socialist values thats fine…
if you identify as something else and just want socialists to help fight for your unrelated cause to take advantage of us because we have a habit of fighting for everyone then you can go raise money and fight like the dirty capitalist you are at heart…

If your ideology very closely matches the description implicit in such a specific reference to past ideologies, that's not idpol, just a succinct way of describing your position.

If, on the other hand, your political opinions are shaped by magic invisible knapsack sigils supposedly burned into your gonads at the genetic level, that's obviously quite a bit different.

The former is merely a description of politics. The other is something apolitical used to falsely shape politics.

Tranny pandering will go down in history as one of the major fuckups of mainstream psychology, almost
on par with lobotomy. Literally affirmation of psychotic delusions.

The only way to rigorously define mental illness is for it to be self-diagnosed.

t. bigot on the wrong side of history

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