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Why haven’t you reverted to Islam yet, Zig Forums? There is one God and his final messenger was Mohammed (pbuh). Reject Christian polytheism and atheist irrationality and recognize your Creator, anons.

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You've convinced me! I'm radicalized now mom! Jihad because Allah wills it!

There is much proof that Mohammed was neither a liar nor one who could easily be deceived. He was known for forty years prior as “the trusted one”. For twenty years afterwards this illiterate man revealed a message directly from Allah. You mock, but it was the absolute truth that was revealed, thus rendering all other religions false.

We're on the same side. You don't need to need to explain. Allah guide you.

Same to you, akhi.

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Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhaab (may Allah have mercy on him) taught pure tahweed (monotheism) and warned against all forms of shirk. He was fully in line with the first generations of Muslims. Wahhabism is not a new way, a new school of thought of a cult but it is a call to Tawheed and the revival of aspects of the religion that have been distorted over the ages.

I won't convert to Islam, is the same reason why I won't convert to any religion, there all retarded nonsense.

Are the Hitler and Regan quotes both real?

Absolutely, here's a bit of additional context:'s_religious_beliefs
The Reagan quote is, perhaps, even more retarded than at first glance:
women of the French Resistance.

All religion but what one is nonsense. Only Islam is the truth, and I say this for a very good reason. If we can logically understand the existence of a creator and view the life of Mohammed (pbuh), we see a very different picture arise

Based CIA. Should fun more believers.

i seriously thought i accidentally clicked on Zig Forums
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Fuck off, islam is one of the most reactionary religions in the world

Plot twist: Orthodox Judaism is more maligned towards Christianity than Islam. If anything, Zionisit rabbis have been quoted for the past couple centuries saying the Gentiles are nigger-servants appointed by Yahuweh to serve the Jews.

That is because, up until the Israel debacle, the Moslem world was far more tolerant of Judaism than the Christian world.

Islam is pretty rightwing

They're not going to take kindly to you commies just because you let them fuck you.

fuck off Abrahamist we hate god and love atheism here.

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