Was there a bigger mistake than letting feminism infect leftism? It was always a trojan horse for liberalism and women. Porky directly benefits from having women in the work-place and braindead Marxists just went along with it – “we have to turn every man AND woman into a wage-slave, it’s equality!” Women depress wages just like the brown-skinned scab migrant that Porky imports en masse. Remember go.y, we need MORE workers in both capitalism AND socialism!

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You can blame boomers for that. The new left was, and always will be, a mistake. Back then, the old left was exclusively focused on economics and unionization.


Also, some of the initiatives resulting from it, such as child labor laws and elder care, directly eliminated large numbers of people from the labor pool.

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Your mother not getting an abortion.

I don't like either of the sides presented in that pic, would rather have women using less skirts but also not semi naked. Just dress them like tomboys.

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I mean yeah I like tomboys but sex slaves are also a good option those asses are great

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Guys I just want women to be docile wives and maids, the idea of a women having control of her own life is triggering to me.

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Large-scale machine industry, which concentrates masses of workers who often come from various parts of the country, absolutely refuses to tolerate survivals of patriarchalism and personal dependence, and is marked by a truly "contemptuous attitude to the past".

It is this break with obsolete tradition that is one of the substantial conditions which have created the possibility and evoked the necessity of regulating production and of public control over it. In particular, speaking of the transformation brought about by the factory in the conditions of life of the population, it must be stated that the drawing of women and juveniles into production is, at bottom, progressive. It is indisputable that the capitalist factory places these categories of the working population in particularly hard conditions, and that for them it is particularly necessary to regulate and shorten the working day, to guarantee hygienic conditions of labour, etc.; but endeavours completely to ban the work of women and juveniles in industry, or to maintain the patriarchal manner of life that ruled out such work, would be reactionary and utopian.

By destroying the patriarchal isolation of these categories of the population who formerly never emerged from the narrow circle of domestic, family relationships, by drawing them into direct participation in social production, large-scale machine industry stimulates their development and increases their independence, in other words, creates conditions of life that are incomparably superior to the patriarchal immobility of pre-capitalist relations.

- Lenin

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I honestly thought that was a caricature of a feminist at first. It's sad when "the other side are ugly" is the strongest argument some posters can come up with.

Go back to /leftypol.


And what's your argument for the forced subjection of half of the human race? Oh yeah it's 'Idpol', and Idpol is always bad thus making it bad. Isn't the idea of proletariat rising up from there capitalist masters Idpol? I guess that means we shouldn't support it then because it's Idpol and idpol is always bad.

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It boils down to the fact men weren't man enough to rape the feminism out of these hags. What a bunch of cucks


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is there anything more faggot than discussing women's fashion? is this cosmo magazine?

How would women dress men?

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Jews are the ones who push that sort of shit

Feminism, or as we know it, gynocentrism, originates from chivalry.
Even before feminism, men publicly correcting or disciplining a woman was a no-no.
If a woman whines about a breakup, and her story shows her to be at fault, criticizing her is "cruel."
If a schoolgirl taunts, hits, or patronizes a male classmate, the boy is to never lift a finger or a comeback.
It's a shame people are now starting to see the double standard. They think it's a paradigm shift when it's been going on for centuries. But now that men as a whole as suffering exclusively, they're now reviving the "women neurologically smaller therefore they're dumb" defense.

Remember Lizzy Borden?

Actual masculinism has never been tried. Only in fiction or Islamic socieites


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