Why do people cling to the hammer and sickle? Not only it is ugly, outdated and associated with genocidal regimes...

Why do people cling to the hammer and sickle? Not only it is ugly, outdated and associated with genocidal regimes, it was also designed for a shitty PR campaign for Lenin. It's a capitalist creation (marketing), it has no roots in the workers' struggle.

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Say what you will about the associations, but the hammer and sickle is one of the most aesthetically beautiful symbols ever created. It's a sublime balance between symmetry and asymmetry that perfectly symbolizes the righteous but flawed cause it represents.

Shut the fuck up, liberal.

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Thanks op, we really needed a thread for this, maybe use the qtddtot next time?


The left is obsessed with nostalgia and can't create new symbols.

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Unlike the right that uses the swastika and the black sun.

Im pretty certain they use a green frog.

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Thats Pat Condell.

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The right are petit-bourg failsons or fuckwit classcucks, I'm not concerned with their inability to come up with anything new. We, the socialists, should be moving past a symbol representing unity between peasants and proles because what it represents isn't relevant to the 21st century where peasants largely don't exist and the hammer isn't commonly used by proles.

Change the sickle to a tractor and the hammer to a CNC sheet metal bending machine for car bodies.

How about a big ass red flag, bet you never heard about that one before uh?


Also leafy made a few videos bullying her for celebrating Hitler's birthday and hating Jews and niggers

Because 98% of lefties are larpers.

I've always found the sickle to be anachronistic even when the soviets first adopted it. Was Russia really so backwards that they somehow missed out on the invention of this far more efficient, less back-destructive reaping tool?

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One third of the world's population today are peasants. ONE THIRD!

Yeah I would like to see it the design with a Scythe, any artists out there recreate that please.

I mean I am willing to entertain the thought. The scythe apparently never took off in India for whatever reason, I am aware of a modern movement to get rural farmers to replace their sickles with scythes.

the modern alternative is the keyboard and the cock cage

uh, north Korea? Hello?

Mainly because most leftists are retarded faggots. And the remaining leftists are only concerned with ruling over the retarded ones.

How will they recover?

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What's wrong with genocide?

Jewish girls are too cute to get killed. Stop genocide today.

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North Korea is fascist

It's related to saturn worship, image related.

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Propaganda is a tool and tools belong to the people.
If you want an emblem more fit for a mechanized society feel free to wave around the Wrench and Welder.

How so? Because of it's nationalism? By that standard every single ML state that ever existed is "fascist".

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this is what schizophrenia looks like

you're finally getting it

Fuck off nazi

It's from an underground East German Maoist party.

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nah its perfection

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lmao ok
no, it wasn't
it was designed for the celebrations of 1st May