Are Antifa actually Marxists, or just radlibs?

Are Antifa actually Marxists, or just radlibs?

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Antifa has been shit on by Zig Forums pre collapse and Zig Forums since the start, what do you think?

Read Bordiga.

So there hardcore Marxists right?

I'm sure some of them probably are Marxist, they just have really bad strategy that they haven't thought out.

You mean fellow workers. Antifa are radlib assholes, but you are the same kind of identitarian working class divider that they are.

Antifa(scist action) isn't a group of people. It's a tactic. Anybody can do it, and a large number who do (especially in the Anglosphere) are liberal adventurists looking to get their jollies off and make memories so they can tell their shitty kids about how they had a radical phase when they were younger.

literally fuck off to Zig Forums

I wonder what kind of brain damage do you need to have to still believe that antifa is a group. Do authoritarians can't think in any paradigms other than their inefficient and useless hierarchies?

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Radlibs with faggot characteristics

Hierarchies hold society together. You must hate your father.

Zig Forums are still majority capitalist and would still want poor whites to starve

Not him but I do, he had a wife before he married my mother and thought he could just have a baby with another woman while still maried, seriously what a retard, he got me circumcised too.

Fertilizer for the Kampuchean rice paddies

I'm not a child anymore, in our family there are only equals.

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antifa aren't even organization. the only thing that unites them is opposition to fascism and reactionaries. but these terms are very broadly defined by them.
You can meet there people with various backgrounds.

Your evidence to support this is that a fucking Amazon tribe has more casualities than the US military, well I'm convinced.

Per capita yes. These egalitarian/non-hierarchical tribes suffer more war deaths per capita than hierarchical industrialized nation states.

They are also backwards, socialists don't want to live in jungle shitholes.

The most logical answer to why backwards amazon tribes loose more men per capita than the US, is simply do with the US military's access to modern medicine. Nothing to do with hierarchies.

Offset by the fact that they're facing bullets and bombs, not arrows and spears. Also it;s not just about the Army, you retard. It's about society as a whole.


Monarchy in 2019.

ANTIFA has always been the LCD Goon Squad for The Elite. You know, the guys who give porky his superpowers and sign his paychecks. They are a truly pathetic group of "people."

You tell em' kid!

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If you don't have access to modern medicine, arrows and spears are far more deadly than bullets and bombs. ie The number one killer is infection, for example here
The image you originally posted was exclusively about the armed forces, so excuse me for focusing on the armed forces.
And secondly the rest of the US population has access to modern medicine retard, unlike the societies of these backwards tribes.


Antifa is extremely reactionary — filled with liberals and latent fascists. Do you ever see any Stalin banners there? No, me neither

Are you mental?

No but I see this
>You ankiddies are the Real Fascists

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No it wasn't, you dog dick sucking retard. Learn to fucking read; it says "Percentage of male deaths caused by warfare." Which includes non combatants/civilians

galaxy brain take


Most jungle shitholes are socialist though.


I have, There fine.

im antifa and an ML. most antifa I know are anarchosyndicalists, some of them are liberals and some anarchists. it makes sense to work together for singular actions, i see no problem with it.


At least he's doing something you fucking lazy ass nihilist.

We’re just gonna die in fifty years, who gives a shit


clearly you

and i see you've never even seen one outside of pol either

Nice idpol

Brazilia is socialist? Nope. Most of countries in South america which have jungles aren't socialist.
Let's go to Africa. Again most of them aren't socialist.
Australia? Nope. Oceania? Nope.

Learn geography, retard.