Please come back to leftypol. The board owner has changed...

Please come back to leftypol. The board owner has changed. If you all come back and push against the ban happy moderation we can make leftypol good again. You can talk about Rojava now the word filter is gone. We need you. Please come back.

read this thread. We need more voices pushing against the corrupt moderation.

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Why don't you guys just come here then?

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I've periodically come back and posted now and then, but I got banned for the very first time myself for fucking nothing a week ago. The old BO needs to be removed from the moderation team, not just de-BO'd.

The BO banned me for calling Kanye West a negro.

>>>Zig Forums2950062
Statements like this really make me question whether or not the moderation has improved there. In my long time on image boards I've managed to recently articulate a revelation I had a feeling about for a long time: If your forum rule requires a mod to infer something about a user's posting intent in order to justify banning them, the rule is too vague and is an invitation to be abused by self-serving mods.

- I've never gave a damn about Rojava tbh, that's not the reason why I abandoned Zig Forums two years ago.
- If "pushing against ban happy moderation" worked then we wouldn't even be here in the first place, cuz it wasn't for the lack of an effort to push against retardation that this board was created.
- I really have no patience nor time to waste on reddit types whom say stupid shit like what pointed out and unfortunately Zig Forums became leddit after people fled.

>>>Zig Forums
Proves Bakunin and Kropotkin right

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I check the public ban logs for Zig Forums every other day, to satisfy my curiosity. About 80% of what gets banned IS spam and schizo Zig Forums posting. However, dozens of people get tempbanned every month for dissenting opinions, particularly on current events, libertarian/leftcom/marksucc posters get regularly banned and their posts scrubbed, and BO is STILL doling out 4 week bans for anyone who dares post even the mildest criticism of anti-US governments or movements.
The Zig Forums mod team remains a mostly-unaccountable clique holed up in a Discord or IRC somewhere, its members arbitrarily enforcing their own ideological positions through bans and anchors on a mostly ignorant userbase of newfag Redditors. You can't fix this, because there are no mechanisms to "push" against bad moderation, unless someone goes rogue and stages a coup. It's not like there's anything worth saving anyways, all the effortposters fucked off to /lit/, or /marxists/, or private chats, or just stopped posting altogether.

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the point its in a state of flux so a good time to push it obviously has worked because now you dont get banned for rojava posting etc. People can see the effect it had now

Give me back my mod powers and then I will believe that craphole is worth it

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When are they kicking out all the tranny liberals?
That's when I'll come back


I got banned for saying the Soviet union wasn't Socialism.
Jokes on them I use VPN

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The problem with Zig Forums at this point isn't just the moderation, but the population itself. When I left, the reason I didn't bother evading my last ban was because every single thread was full of such utterly putrid PC bullshit, and any argument against it would just be met with another ban.

The board is literally /r/ChapoTrapHouse at this point, and as long as I have to tiptoe around the seropositivity of some triggered-happy Twatter trankie mod every time I'm confronted with such trash, the board is worthless.

I realize he's shittalking the low-quality spam threads and general deadness of Zig Forums population-wise for the last few months, but just… Man, out of all the things to disapprove of.

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There's nothing else I can say about /shittypol/ that hasn't been said already through the thread but can we take a moment to discuss how fucking awful /r/chapotraphouse, it's such an abstract kind of disgust that I can't even fully explain it, I've seen them post doge memes before but then at another moment they're openly shooting themselves in the foot by saying some heavily militaristic liberal bullshit out in the open on Leddit. How does leftism even devolve this badly.

Nah, how about you fuck off?

Notice all the "lmao fuck immigrants" shitposts get publicly banned but stay up, while all the people actually making good-faith arguments against mass immigration get their posts deleted. Half the fucking thread is missing.

What a great place for open "left" discussion!

Nah I'm permabanned. Wouldn't do me any good

whats wrong with being retarded?

Unless you're a nazbol I'll unban you if you go make an appeal.
There was recently a large wave of new vols, and we had a long chat off-site with BO and the old vols a few days ago where we agreed to a much more lax moderation policy. Unless you shitpost about killing nigs and Capitalists you should not get banned.

K.ikes* lol.

I did a lot for leftypol helped make some charts engaged in a lot of the artistic threads and put up hundreds of PDFs. Tried to never meme and actually answer peoples questions. One day I go on and say something I have said hundreds of times before and the next day I see that I'm permabanned because the rules changed literally by the fucking minute. The board just needs to die, I won't put work into a place that will just ban me the next day over nothing.

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No thanks, with what I'd post I'd just be coming right back here. I took the hint after a monthlong ban for disagreeing with one of the cuntier jannies. Fuck Body Oder, fuck RT, fuck Wu Mao and RIDF, fuck r/socialism, fuck Assad and fuck the anti-gamer/incel/NEET/Burger nerd stereotypes that are 20 years out-of-date that they spameverywhere and got from Punch Shrillery Cunton's thinktanks.

just get a job :^)



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Close to it. Forget it, you guys won't get the chip off your shoulder about nothin'

I find it sort of irritating and amusing that Homo and trans vs is tolerated but if you even if you have a touch of mental illness you're a bad person. Gays and trans used to be considered mentally ill, wanna talk about that? Is there even a line in the sand anymore?

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I cant Im banned lol.

Appeal and I'll almost certainly unban you.

I think I was perma banned for double spacing my lines like they do over at reddit.

Wew. Well the mod team has been almost entirely replaced.

OK I appealed it.

You were definitely not banned for reddit spacing lol, but I'll unban you.

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There you go, you got your velvet revolution, you can all leave this hellhole now. Forumsres/2894164.html

I believe you meant to link this instead.
>>>Zig Forums2894164

Now guess what fam?

If you guys hate that place so much then make some damn threads again already. Tired of loading up the catalog with nothing interesting to talk about.

Seems like a good opportunity for you to get out of the internet and go read a book.

Yeah, so? I agree but what do you want me to do about it now? Since you're still clearly here on 8ch you may as well come back and try to rebuild.

FFS. Pretty sure almost none of us even volled under old BO.

I'm reading this right now, how about you?

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So when do I get unbanned? Got banned for using 2015 leftypol words like scab.

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So can I get unbanned?


This ban was before we decided to be more lax, and no, you were not banned for using the word scab, you were banned for implying that immigrants are scabs simply because they're immigrants.

Yes, go appeal.

That's the point fam. There's nothing you or anybody else can do now. The damage has been done and there's no fix for what were done. Trying to do anything years later shit blew up and just because your shitty board is on the path of dying and now you desperately need more users, any users, even those users whom you have systematically banned for being triggering and problematic, is silly.

I'm reading this atm.
It's filled with stuff that would severely trigger the trannies at leftypol. Stuff like saying that biology is real and men and women are not the same.

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I have to wonder why the mods, who are now claiming to really want to change, didn't do so the moment the BO resigned earlier.

>mass economic immigrants are scabs simply because they're mass economic immigrants
Yes, that is a fact. Moreover, a strictly economic one unrelated to any accusations of waycism.

I don't think transgender people and theory we're denying biology sex is real.

Being a scab has nothing to do with how you got into the country, it is a conscious choice an individual makes. Do you have any proof that immigrants are more likely to scab in America than the totally pro-union native population?

Then you haven't been on the internet long enough.

The individual in question being the porkies that have pumped up visa issuance, yes.
The fact their sole reason for being admitted is to undercut native incomes and working conditions, which from the lowliest agricultural worker to the highest H-1B, they near-universally are forced to.

I would say that there more likelyer to be scabs, because if there coming to New country, the most likely left in order took seek a better life. Essentially they believe in the 'American Dream' this is true for all first world countries too. The believe in the system are more likely to abide by it, especially since organizing or going against the system could mean deportation.

Completely ignoring the point. Being an immigrants does not equal being a scab.
So that's a no?

And I would say that most immigrants coming to America come from countries that have a much richer history of labour action, and seeking a better life includes labour action against your employer. No one believes in "The American Dream" anymore, and even in the 19th and 20th century a fuckton of particularly German and Russian labourers were far more involved in the labour movement than the native population.
No, that's illegal as fuck. Strikers on visas are protected by law from deportation.

We've added 7+ members recently so perhaps the vol team just needed a shakeup, I don't know.

Working worse wages while enduring worse conditions absolutely does
Mexico? Central America? Seriously!? Not to belittle their struggles, but they've mostly been trying to get land reform against what is basically feudalism, meanwhile the US labor movement erupted into low-grade civil war in the early 1900s. History aside, unions in Mexico and points south are in utter shambles even compared to the pitiful state of the US's.

And that's to say nothing of Europe, the labor history of which completely outshines that of the MENA region, a history essentially terminated during the Cold War, when nearly every leftist or labor tendency was crushed.

There are ways around that, mostly (much like with natives) revolving around pretending the individual in question was fired"let go" for reasons "unrelated to" union activity. For most guest workers, termination of their employment means termination of their visa, and summary deportation. For illegal aliens, obviously any word from their employer or anyone else likewise means deportation, with illegal employers getting a slap on the wrist at worst. For actual immigrants whose visa is unattached to any visa, they face the same problem as natives fired for uppityness, except multiplied by the poverty and disposability they were recruited for.

visa is unattached to any 'employer

No, that's not what a scab is.
Yes, absolutely. One of the biggest non-general strikes in the world was in Mexico earlier this year.
Here's another article about 18.000 Mexican teachers striking in America which touches on the point of threats of deportation.
True, unions have largely been co opted, but that's irrelevant to this discussion about scabbing.
Yeah this definitely happens, but as you said, this isn't just a threat to immigrant workers, and this is much harder to pull off in a strike than with individual incompliant workers. Not just because it's illegal, but because it's not economically feasible to permanently replace thousands of experienced workers with rookies.

Is this some sort of "it's not censorship without the state"-type non-argument?
That is very recent and very unprecedented, given the effective and brutal suppression of unions among maquiladora, not to mention this is linked in no small part to their new president's greater sympathy for labor. Much like the >100k wildcat teachers striking across the US recently, I hope it leads to greater things, but it can not be tied to any history or prior trend.
True, but the very traits that distinguish migrants in the labor market, make them far more vulnerable and compliant to such abuse.
That's why heavy use of migrants has been key to stopping unionization before it starts


No lol, a scab is specifically someone who is hired during a strike to undermine the strikers. It is not just anyone who has a job.
Sort of, but not really.
In 2003 there was a tire plant shutting down leading to a 3 year long strike that ended with the strikers buying the plant and turning it into a coop. And in 2006 there was a strike by the teachers union where police opened fire on protesters turning it into an almost full revolt, leading to a territory being turned into an anarchist commune for a few months. Not to mention the Mexican revolution and Zapatistas.
Repression of labour movements with violence is usually not the best way to quell them.
But immigrants can and do join unions too.
A report from 2011:

I will admit that there is a slight tendency towards immigrants being less likely to join unions, but it is almost insignificant and does not even come close to justify the position that "immigrants are scabs".

I am absolutely shameless.

Did you read the pic?

What did he mean by this?


This is technically true, but that's not what I said. Fucking look up the word scab you morons. Being an immigrant worker does not mean you're a scab.

It is anyone who relents more readily to pay or conditions shunned by their peers, thus enabling porky to drive a downward spiral.

TBF, the causative factor in that choice isn't such pull factors that bring people to places like the US, but push factors such as India's horrendous economy (especially under Modi) that make people want to leave.

a scab refers specifically to someone who knowingly crosses picket lines, not some guy from honduras trying to feed his family

Cause you'll see that I already appealed.

What do you think a scab is trying to do, not feed their families? But somehow when they come from abroad it doesn't count?

Not censorship if a corporation does it?

This. The motives for scabbing are no excuse for the damage it does, nor the evil intent of the people who ultimately caused it to happen.

not my point but ok

i don't get it

Shit, my bad. I don't know if it's even possible to remove the ban now then. Just reset your IP i guess.


Cucked and BRDpilled. Nothing like throwing materialism out the window. It's not like capitalist states have an interest in maximizing their access to cheap labor or anything.

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The illogic behind both "arguments" is identical, it is sophistry relying on arbitrary distinctions, purposely ignoring practical consequences. plain and simple.

Just because suppression of free speech on mainstream platforms doesn't wholly preclude the ability to express oneself on an incognito Filipino flipbook forum, unlike formally recognized government censorship, doesn't mean that such suppression of free expression isn't censorship.

Likewise, poor, desperate, undisciplined people accepting abuse from employers, enabling those employers to overwhelm the solidarity of more stubborn comrades, remains scabbing whether it happens to unionized or non-unionized workers.

The conscious choice being to scab. I'm going to say this for probably the fifth time this thread
Scabs=/=them there evil bad people I don't like
Scabs=people who are hired during strikes

Scabs=workers who undercut other workers for porky

Because you said so?

What is the practical difference from your definition?

And this definition also applies to native labour then, making your arguments even dumber.

Absolutely. But the wealthier and more secure the labor pool as a whole is, the harder it is for porky to find such weak people to break solidarity.

Mass economic immigration directly increases the poverty and desperation of the labor pool, harming workers' ability to strengthen solidarity needed to secure our bargaining position.

I just want less of this.

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Scabs don't have to accept worse conditions or abuse to be scabs. A boss may even pay scabs a higher wage than the strikers.

I don't really disagree with this, but it is still besides the point.

god damn what a wanker you are, and anyway i said nothing about censorship either way

it really doesn't

Not in the immediate term, no, even if it does eventually produce the same result.
It is the sole means by which porky is able to resist labor boycott and drag down the working class, identical in mechanism whether native, migrant, or offshore; union or no.

Never said you did, but your hairsplitting is equally fallacious.

I don't understand what you're saying here. You claim immigration is the sole means (…) and then claim it is identical to when porky uses native scabbing. So clearly it isn't the sole means. Or did I misunderstand?

Ah, sorry. Workers being bullied and bribed to break solidarity is the sole means by which labor boycott is resisted by porky.

Mass economic immigration is, in turn, a particularly direct way of ensuring porky can do it.

But porky can and does do this without immigration too. This isn't a debate about whether or not immigration is good or bad for the working class, it's about the word scab being thrown around without meaning.

Without immigration and offshoring, it would be infinitely harder.
It means betraying solidarity to beg for whatever crumbs are offered from weakness instead of bargaining from strength