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That's a quote from Gregor Strasser, not Hitler retard. Stop listening to Crowder, he's a brain damaged retard.
Strasser also said this
"The spirit of our not socialist idea has to overpower the spirit of liberalism and false democracy if there is to be a third Reich at all! Deeply rooted in organic life, we have realized that the false belief in the equality of man is the deadly threat with which liberalism destroys people and nation, culture and morals. violating the deepest levels of our being!

We have to reject with fanatical zeal the frequent lie that people are basically equal and equal in regard to their influence in the state and their share of power! People are unequal, they are unequal from birth, become more unequal in life and are therefore to be valued unequally in their positions in society and in the state!"
Doesn't very socialist to me, and to top it all off his assassination was ordered by Hitler himself, because he didn't like his ideas. Do some basic fucking research.

Why does the right want to disrupt us so much, its almost like they deep down know that we're right and that fight us to the very end to try to keep up their fantasies about the world

nig please


They're mentally ill untermensch who are genetically inclined to fearfulness. Their entire worldview is based around a pathological fear of boogiemen out to destroy their way of life, hence why they LARP as warriors and support militaristic strongmen they believe will protect them from largely nonexistent threats.

the longposter is probably a pig tbh

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Holy projection.

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How very essentialist of you

He says while getting supported by industrial magnates and the former aristocracy.

It's more like you won't leave us alone. Even when we go out to the middle of fucking nowhere you follow us to be leeches, so we're forced to respond with violence. Also you removed my snibetti snap flag so you've upset the balance.

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And if not to leech off of us they would come to conquer us and force their shit onto us. They seem to hate anything not under their control.

Nice delusions and projection.

plain socialism it is then!

what is wrong with being mentally ill?

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real essentialism is knowing women are property and men are their owners

I love how your response is brainlet tier images that have nothing to do with my point and are clearly informed by your circlejerk idea of leftism.

It's like you're programmed to fight even though you have zero basis in your argument so you willingly make yourself out to be a dipshit.

I post about not wanting fascism to take people's guns and try to talk about mcarthyism being used as a shield for the rise of fascism and I'm banned for 'historical revisionism'. Then everything I said and everyone that replied to me was deleted. God damn what the fuck happened? How did Zig Forums get to the point of using guns to protect people to otherizing people they don't know? Niggers and jews niggers and jews all I fucking see all day there while the collapse of the world hangs over our fucking heads. I miss when Zig Forums was somewhat liberal, I've only seen one other person say that even black people deserved guns in the last 3 years there.

Zig Forums has infested this entire site. Only here and leftypol is the only place were your slightly more left of Thomas Hobbes and won't immmediately get called a
SJW. Then again I still see that shit on here, for example

I was referring to the mentally ill ubermensch part. You guys are the ones larping as catgirls and who rail against nonexistent threats.
Like there aren't a ton of you guys who suck off Stalin and Mao.
There's plenty of tankies on this board

my smarte post needs and smarti reply
fucking lmao imagine writing this after posting that circlejerk idea of rightism.
This board is a complete fucking joke