Is homosexuality and Judaism innately tied to Marxist theory?

Is homosexuality and Judaism innately tied to Marxist theory?

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Is this the guy who was beaten up because he said he didn't like fascist graffiti? But yeah, let's keep pretending fascism is not a real threat in Europe…

God I wish.

Most of Western Europe is either socdem or neocon; and they both love sucking brown cock for different reasons.

Is mayonnaise and Judaism innately tied to Marxist theory?

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Fascism comes when the capitalists (neocons, neolibs, socdems) feel threatened. It's a self-defence mechanism.
No need to be repressive, if you are in charge.

Where is Squidward when we need him? Seriously though, Marxism is Judaism politicized.

Are far as the queer question goes, Freud says that your inquiry must be linked to your previously untapped and innate homosexual desires!

Behold the Übermensch, proud defenders of western civilization against the degenerate communists.

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BTW, the "fascist graffiti" the gay Jew was talking about said something like "Beware the homosexual pedophiles" in Polish.

Can't imagine where they'd get that notion.

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Didn't socdem and Marxist Jews in Berlin fight tooth and nail to create a vibrant tranny scene; and now LGBT groups are lamenting at how the Nazis destroyed all of their research?(rent free)

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it's a problem with faggots, you can't allways spot them.
Something quite discussed by Himmler.
you're however absolutely correct in trying to use faggotry as a shaming tactic.
It's nice to see you conceede that faggotry is indeed implicitely shamefull.
alas for you, commies these days support faggotry 100%, which means you won't be able to get rid of that, and just end up being swarmed by these types.
how do you think you ended up with a literal dick sucking tranny as BO of leftypol?

No. Not at all.
It's incompatible with scientific socialism.

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As far as I know, Eastern Europe is also part of Europe and they are full of fascist scum.

Neck yourself retard

That banner was by false-flagging fascists:

Yes. Marx was a talmudic Jew and used his so-called theory to enslave and exterminate the white race. Marxism is just a Jewish trick for world domination.


Antifa faggots are Marxists, retard.

No, dumb fuck. How the fuck can an anarchist be a Marxist when Marx was a "statist"?

Judaism yes, because Marxism is a secularized Tikkun Olam

read Bakunin

Gee, I wonder what that third symbol being stabbed with an arrow could possibly mean?

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In the Antifa are not only anarchists but also Marxists. In addition, anarchists and Marxists believe in the same Jewish, utopian nonsense.

Gee, I wonder why Jewish capitalists financed the Bolshevik revolution, even though they themselves belong to the bourgeoisie.

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