I’m finally understanding this anti-glasses ideological stance. Ever since I was little I hated glasses and everyone who wore them, but I wasn’t sure why. It was a mystery to my young mind. I began to notice that those with glasses always looked at me strangely, knowingly even. What did they know? And why did they all pinpoint me? Glasses are not actually for correcting eyesight, but are signifiers of a transnational brotherhood of reactionaries. The spectacles denote eyes – four eyes. The apex of the exploitative society is truly not the capitalists, nor is it the Jews, but the semi-spider exploiters that live above. The members of this fraternity synbolize their membership to the gnostic, conceal it to the ignorant in plain sight. I took my first action against them today, shoving a man who tried to peer into my soul. Realize how Marx and Engels and Lenin and Stalin WORE NO GLASSES

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Why else could Pol Pot have acheived full communism if it was not for his disguise of being one of them?

Fucking hell OP, I think I might be a sleeper agent. There's only one thing I can do.

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Proof Pol Pot was Illuminati.

Do what must be done, prove you are not a reactionary. Even a little good karma outweighs the bad, even if you have been blind until now

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Glasses are the best tbh

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none of these women would even make eye contact with you if they were real

what is rape?

Who cares where real women look?

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post your glasses boys
closest i could find to mine

based as fuck

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I wear glasses because I'm squeamish with contacts and am near-sighted.

Thin-rimmed glasses gang though. Death to hipster glasses.

fuck you cocksucker eyeglass wearers are the strongest race on earth

Get the fuck out bourgie.

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20 to life

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