Mental Illness Hate Thread

Fuck retards, they are burdens on the working class, draining their hard-earned income and sucking away their happiness. They are burdens on the future DoTP as well. He does not work, shall not eat. Euthanasia is the only option for most of them. Sterilization is viable for many types of retards, barring them quite literally from having sex. The meme becomes ironic in a cosmic sense. Sorry tards, you can’t even fuck another tard anymore. Standing up for defective workers is idpol and has nothing to do with the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism

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from each according to their ability
to each according to their needs

Mental illness and mental retardation are not the same thing.
I agree that we should send mentally ill people to hell but when it comes to retards it ain't so simple because most people are retarded.

chant that mantra harder, negro. Parasites are not my comrades

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t. retard

Mental Illness is a capitalist lie to dehumanize those who refuse to enter the circuits of Capital.

I believed it until
Ebin false flag.

Prove me wrong, Jewtube fag

Capitalism makes every worker mentally ill.

t. mentally-ill mongoloid

Plot twist: Humans are too fragile and inefficient. Blobs of meat overrun with hormones and muscles that easily fray. Not to mention psyches that obsess over abstract objects so much that they will their own physical realm for it.

"We're all images of God." Well God fucked up big time. Or, maybe He never wanted man to be self-sufficient and transcendent in the first place.

This, rebel against all authority.

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this is why I despise the left.

that's why you guys suck and will never actually make a single difference in society. he who does not work should be free to take your anal virginity. to be honest if you want a classless society just get rid of workers and bosses both. no work = no production = no economics = no capitalism

also read Camatte and Foucault unironically.

We're not all OP, faggot.

It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

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OP hasn't read Foucault yet.

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Same applies to niggers but you guys cry whenever someone brings that up.

people with the burgers can stay
even Dr Assburger in Nazi Germany said some high functioning autists can be useful to society.

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because >muh racism is bad
fucking liberals

We hate niggers here on Zig Forums too

euthanize me big daddy!

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