Political compass thread

political compass thread

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new format

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The first one gave me a good chuckle.

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Radical centrism FTW.

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I'm not even a communist, the Political compass test is retarded

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Here's all of my autism tests. You might be a little surprised by the results.

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My politiscale outcome also

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What if you answered radical options on both sides equally, balancing them out?

Wouldn't that be the opposite of centrism?

Technically you would be, but since you said that you have radical political views on both sides, wouldn't that be contradictory? For instance it doesn't make sense to be both for full communism and unregulated capitalism at the same time.

Well, Proudhonian mutualism and syndicalism are a thing.

Also, the economic axis is more about how much government there is in the economy, not whether it is owned by labor or capital. The test basically only has one question for workers self-management.

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