Be anarchist

fuck this

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You seem to have misspelled liberal

Anarchy is when you get offended by edgeposters, and the more offended you get the more anarchister it is.

t. Malatesta

I care about it that's why I stopped posting

This board is overran by fascists pretending to be leftists

Well what did you expect it's Zig Forums.
I've been on and off leftypol for awhile, mostly because I get tired of the racism, homophobia, misogyny, ect. Then I come back because I get board, and this place is fun.

I meant Zig Forums

none of those are real and are constructs of modernism.

homosexuals, transgender abominations, and the disabled are all burdens on the worker, sorry but you can go back to r/socialism if you'd like.


Also, here's some choice quotes from major anarchists.

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You ain't no anarchist, you are just a radlib who likes to wear black, that's all.
Reddit might be more of your thing.

literally the only reason to use leftpol is to discuss topics that will get you banned for a month on leftypol

You're forgetting that other contemporary Anarchists hated these two niggas for being sexist

Only Proudhon was sexist, you stupid nigger.

This is why radlibs are the worst. Intersectionality is a myth.
The quotes were entirely racial, but you just magically moved to muh segism.

But yes, Proudhon got criticized by ONE other anarchist over sexism. An anarchist whose name is forgotten and remains in relative obscurity. And, that does not discount my argument. That anarchism =/= social progressivism. Stop being a political spectrum brainlet. Otherwise, kill yourself to improve political discourse.

Spotted the libshit. Idpol has no place on the left, neither does trannyfags delusions.

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We're against idpol! Therefore FUCK niggers and roasties and trannies and

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Fuck off radlib, we don’t like trannies and nigs here

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horse cocks lol

ech, sorry, the first one wasn't supposed to be greentext

This includes class. So knock it off with the idpol

Fact of the matter is, racism is also idpol; it's just Zig Forumsnigger soyboys version of identity politics

Don't worry, though, idpollers, both left and right, will be the first to go when the revolution comes.

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Identities are based on something consciously adhered to or inherent to individuals. Class, on the other hand, is inescapably imposed on you by your economic function within a class system such as capitalism.

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Class is consciously (class-consciousness) adhered to. You adding “inherent” is pilpul’ing the definition to your own benefit for the argumrnt
Race is inescapably imposed on one by birth. Identifying with race is idpol, and so is class. Stop with the idpol

I can't consciously decide to stop working for a wage/salary in lieu of going NEET off dividendies from capital gains.
But its consequences are not

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Are racists even white?


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Fucking same this board is cancer I just wanted Rojova memes and to dodge tankie mods

You can tell this is shitposting because nobody who cares about speech policing bothers to use sites without profiles and upvotes

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contemporary anarchists can SUCK MUH EGO DIK

>>>Zig Forums
No, srsly, WTF are those people doing here?

tranny jannies, many such cases

Does anybody else remember the first time you ran across this bullshit, and struggling to wrap your head around the schizoid vision of an alternate reality SJWs were attempting to describe through their bastardization of language?

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I dunno maybe I'm weird but to me it always seemed obvious these were basically children trying to make up a new worldview as much from scratch as possible.


where is pro Rapism?

Lmao just go off the grid and opt out you radlib

thanks to faggots like you i got banned
if i could kill all of your kind i would

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You will never get tired of this, will you?
BTW, a true anarchist doesn't get offended by cheap words.
If you do you are a weak link in the movement who gets easily swayed by advertisements and propaganda and thus completely unreliable.

fuck off Gadsen tryhard faggot nobody likes your hibernian Capitalist bullshit i'm here to have fun and shitpost and you're ruining it.

Fug, sorry. I just realized that you mean MODERN anarchists.

I thought you mean 19th century anarchists because someone actually criticized Proudhon's sexism. Like contemporary to Proudhon, not contemporary to us.

This is what happens when you post while having little sleep.

Sorry to ruin your shitposting spree though.