Atheist Hate Thread

Is there a single more disgusting class of subhumans in existence than atheists, Zig Forums? I cringe when I remember my atheist past and the irrationality of my positions. Atheism leads to nothing more than nihilism, subjective morality and being enslaved to the whims of Jewish “thinkers” than real knowledge. Daily reminder that atheists CANNOT BE MORAL and literally think that the physical universe just popped into existence one day out of nothingness

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Heh. Almost every single significant communist revolutionary was an atheist.

Theism btfo


Strawman harder, ath*ist. You’re living in a world of lies

No u

Yes, religious morons who seriously believe religion and socialism is compatible, despite empirical evidence proving otherwise. After all, the abrahamic religions created and maintain capitalism.

Nihilism has more in common with satanism than atheism as such; atheism is simply the lack of belief in gods. Also, why would jews shoot themselves in the foot by promoting atheism? Wouldn't it be better to enslave all of us Sassenachs with judaism (you know, what zionists do with "we are god's chosen people" thing)?

Cause were not fucking retarded and we don't base out lives off of stupid fairy tails

if you mean being enslaved by the whims of porky and being responsible for 85% of consumer spending while being an airhead, yes
literally applies to women
Women can't even use those, they use emotional manipulation and argue based on consensus
The prophet Muhammad said that most people in hell would be women
Women will never be mentally the same as men

If you're going to set a precedent for hating atheists why not hate women twice as much?

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and they're going to hell because of it

damn right

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There is literally nothing wrong with being autistic

There's literally nothing positive about autism.

It is if you need a high-trust person to do repetitive work in a society that fetishises heavy industry like the USSR did

Hmm, I guess so yeah.

This is the moral cancer in the core of christianity and islam.

its a mockery flag of the left's struggles. and besides, I'm a Pol Potist

never heard of Pascal's Wager, have you?

hate both. EQUALLY

being retarded is awesome you faggot

Pol Pot was an atheist too.

God is dead and no one cares.

If God exists (which can be determined logically) you will pay the price for your life of fun and amoralism. May God have mercy on your soul

God determines morality, not dumb atheists. Enjoy hellfire

Allahu akbar n shit

It has no relevance to moral questions

Quite a hefty claim there, present your evidence please.


kys abrahamite degenerate

Kill yourslef jww

What is it with 4chan/Zig Forums's schizo-misogyny?

Doesn't mean his ideas can't be improved upon

Any sane or insane rational person hates women, including other womem

Similar to tumbrl landwhale's hate of men.
They can't get laid. They actually could, but the truth is, that they are 4/10 AT BEST but they refuse to date someone who is worse than 8/10.
They could go up 2 levels, through sprucing or at least taking a bath, but compaining on the internet is so much easier.
Met both male and female incels. The amount of entitlement is unbelievable. Also they are so fucking dishonest. And since they lack intelligence, it's easy to elicit some sentences which reveal who they truly are and it's funny when they realise there is no monitor screen they can hide behind.