Who this?

who the fuck is this person

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I don't know, I missed Zig Forums's last meetup.
But I heard there were a lot of girls(male) like in your pic present and it reeked of anal sex.
Maybe you should go next time?

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Know that person, even talked to her/him on Discord.

Honestly, wouldn't mind her/him if he didn't show his dick off to people left and right. She also is a huge attention-whore.

I want to fuck his asshole

Are they acutely a fascist though?

lol even the fash have their own discord trannies what hypocrites

Dude, most of the discord fascists pretty much despise Val. They basically bullied her everytime she entered the Discord room.
I honestly think it was kind of dickish of them honestly.

Fascist is a meaningless term. I've said this a million times, but Fascism in 1917, 1921, and 1944 have little in common with each other.
But, for Asserism. I don't really know if she actually was familiar with Strasser's writings. She was definitely a white nationalist though (Which is far more racial than Otto Strasser ever was.)…even though she seems kind of Latino or Amerimuttish from what I see. Mediterranean-tier at the very least.

Or, maybe the lighting is just weird. Still, I think lighter-skinned Latinos can count as white.

I know the history of Fascism from people like Pierre Biétry and Sorrel to shit like Carl Schmitt.
People just stan asserism to be edgy.

okay Richard Spencer have fun endlessly circle-jerking with the other wignats over these meaningless racial spooks.

I know that's probably why Val got into Str@sserism, to be honest.

I mean, look at the picture. Looks like it's a fashion statement for her.


based b00t

he's a mexican

They look like they are 13 years old at most.

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idk but theyre cute

Mutt detected.

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Kek. Didn't even know that.

Dead meme

Didn't this tranny get buttblasted by attomwaffen?

Prime age