Uber self-driving car kills Arizona pedestrian, realizing worst fears of the new tech


An Uber self-driving car hit and killed a woman in Tempe, Ariz., a tragic milestone that could lead to a major setback in the otherwise feverish development of driverless transportation.

The death of Elaine Herzberg, 49, who was crossing a street outside the marked crosswalk, appears to be the first time a self-driving car has been involved in the fatality of a person not inside the vehicle.

In 2016, a man was killed while behind the wheel of a Tesla that was driving itself in Autopilot mode when a truck cut across its path — the first such death related to a car in self-driving mode. Investigators found the driver failed to heed warnings to take back control of his car.

The Arizona accident is poised to become a focal point of a debate over the viability of self-driving cars, which promoters vow will save lives while skeptics contend it remains dangerously ill-prepared for prime time.

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Self driving cars are a meme at best, and a deadly and legal nightmare at worst, and this case just shows the worst WILL happen with this.

(((Elaine herzberg)))

the self driving car meme is going to become a very large point of contention, normans love their cars and they love driving them like fucking retards, they don't want a robot to drive for them safely and not be able to have fun and kill themselves while driving drunk

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why am I not surprised.

its programming was inadequate but so was (((elaine herzberg)))

For self driving cars to work cities and hell every road in general would need to be completely redesigned into a grid system. It just won't happen.


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People run over by self-driving cars: 1
People run over by normal cars: millions!

Looks like self driving cars are a hit

Best self-driving car is subway train with doors on station.


That left me feeling a little run down.

Just saying, if self-driving cars are banned, it won't make the roads any safer.

When they finally roll out self-driving cars, expect car thieves to get them by herding these AI bots into traps.

The real problem is that goy have such big metal machines in the first place! Bicycles for the lesser peoples is the only way to prevent such holocausts in the future.

Inb4 eceleb.

I didnt know insurance scams were so common in asia.

Me thinks (((Herzberg))) overplayed her hand.

inb4 if only the lady was selfdriving this never would have happened

Clearly the Uber car is antisemitic.

This song that was playing when the accident occurred might cheer you up

People driving regular cars have run more people over today than self-driving has killed, ever.


So there was someone who was supposed to be in control of the car and failed to, but the car is going to get the blame.

then you should stop posting so much (((No.158793))) you pedo lover.

1) Kill the pedestrian to save the passenger
2)Crash the car to save the pedestrian at risk of killing the passenger
The same dilemma can be applied to getting to a destination on time if it means running over anything in the way.


No either about it. You simply stop the car safely (not possible all the times but slowing reduces the impact of any hit) that's it.

Does Jim really deserve this? I know he helped fuck us over, but deception and lying are just wrong.

No shit, retards. Self driving cars are so few that they are insignificant. Rocks kill more people than atomic bombs. There is nothing wrong with atomic bombs. Ban rocks.

So you're in favor of always hitting the pedestrian to save the passenger? Intredasting.

Why should we ban any technology at all?

well duh. go hop over to .o. and see what they think about busriders. other than in new york, what is the chance that a pedestrian has more rights and insurance coverage than a driver?

Remote controlled guns should bot be banned either, its not like they will be used to silence dissenters or anything they are not banned though, drones are something that should not exist