Putin’s dilemma: Scrap term limits or choose a successor


With his best election showing ever, President Vladimir Putin is shifting comfortably into his next six-year term, but the gnawing question of what comes next already looms on Russia’s horizon.

At his first appearance after Sunday’s victory, Putin was immediately asked about his plans beyond 2024, reflecting Russia’s nervousness about the succession issue that will dominate the political landscape for the near future.

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Russia never has a plan. They just wait until their current dictator dies before scrambling to find the next one.
They are perpetual children who need someone else to think and decide everything for them so they can be free to drink themselves to death.

At least they have a culture of some kind that they are all in agreement on preserving. The West, on the other hand, is starting to come apart at the seams, pitting different groups against each other.

Russia just has to keep doing what they’ve always done and they’ll outlast the West despite the warmongering.

Russia is barely hanging by a thread, m8.
Balkanization is inevitable.

Russia is always barely hanging on by a thread. That’s their entire history. As long as the Russian people exist though, a cultural center will ensure a political unity of some kind. They are an army with a country, not a country with an army. All these predictions of Balkanization are more wishful thinking than anything.

I can’t say the same for the West, however, since it has given up on any kind of coherent identity.

LOL! Last I heard Russia has lowered its national debt, strengthened its military beyond America's old and underequipped forces and has overtaken America as the breadbasket of the world by exporting more grain that's organic and not that GMO kike shit. Not to mention Russia has been hoarding gold since 2015.

Any refutes kike?

No under Putin russia has flourished and they're even scrapping Microsoft and creating their own national OS.

That's America's strength, because it can quickly adapt to changing times and environments. Russia struggles with that.
Yes, Russia as a cultural concept might exist in some form, but the territory now called Russia will balkanize and whatever is still left will always be backward and poor.

Yeah, it's called (((Linux)))
Enjoy your CIA backdoors.

Dude, Russia uses "upgraded" military hardware from the 1970s.
Only their newer submarines are any kind of threat.
Their planes crash all the time and their rockets are outdated and prone to exploding.
SpaceX could never arise in a corrupt country like Russia.

They have had such a shitty time over the last 100 years though I'm doubtful they will survive Putin's death. Russia has lost all of its European territories gained since Catherine the great and has taken such a steep population decline they won't be able to hold onto all regions in the federation.

Russia is in a recession and I don't know where you got the "bread basket" of the world stuff but the US leads the world in producing most crops and food sources. Oranges, potatoes, beef, carrots, poultry, corn.

It doesn’t seem to be adapting very well anymore. It’s almost like too much immigration too fast destabilizes the social fabric of a nation regardless of how “adaptable” it is. A nation with no social trust just needs one disaster, climate change for instance, and that nation will be no more. That’s what a lot of the West is setting itself up for, a disaster to come along and break down the social order. Western countries aren’t like Japan, at least not anymore.

Yes, that’s been predicted for a long time now. We shall see. I wouldn’t hold my breath at this time though.

why can't they just keep doing what they're doing? let putin handpick those who are and are not allowed to run in an electoin against him, stuff ballot boxes and let the media he owns tell people to vote for him, or if they don't, tell they they all did anyway.

That was Prussians not Russians and the Russians have never been competent soldiers or sailors. Most the wars they have fought they lost.

That really wasn’t my point.

Yeah but your not getting my point. Russians are going to be around much longer if they keep hemeroging people in losing wars. The delusion that Russia can go on forever like this is nonsense. They lost central Asia, they lost Finland, they lost Ukraine they lost the Baltics they are going to lose Belarus. They are going to survive this one if they don't get their heads out of their ass

The replacement level of population is a problem in the West too. We’ll soon see if you can simply replace those numbers without assimilating the population. My guess is ‘no’ and that population contraction may not be the nasty end that the other extreme, mass immigration, will lead to.

Putin is a big fan of mass immigration, which undercuts the prosperity of ethnic Russians. He is a globalist at heart, and a closet Westernboo that loves (((Hollywood))) culture.
All his chest beating is just for public consumption. Most Americans barely give him a passing thought.

Russia’s immigration comes from former Soviet satellites, and Putin is unequivocal about what is expected of their immigrants. It’s not quite like certain places in the West where the ethnic majority is treated as second-class citizens.

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This right here.

Dude, RT News is a useful counterpoint to Western media, but it's best not to take what they say about Russia too seriously - they're a propaganda outfit after all. In terms of where Russia is today though

Holy shit, that's a position quite on the other end of the open-vs-closed immigration spectrum compared to most of the West, isn't it? The fact he speaks of minorities and Russians instead of immigrants and natives low key scares me lol

This. Also, GMOs can actually be good for you! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

t. someone who not only watches Bill Nye but also knows humans've been "genetically modifying" crops for practically eons, first uncosciously by picking the best crops and growing those and thousands of years later more consciously by literally injecting the best genes from the "alpha crop" into the "beta crop" (essentially eugenics but for plants)

But where are the sources?

that's not what most people have issues with. it's the injecting with animal or virus dna or specifically rewriting the genetic code to activate a gene combination without really knowing what other effects it may trigger.
is it a coincidence that as gmo has grown, so has cancer, diseases and deadly allergies?

All Putindrones can do is shout nigger not realizing their half Mongol genome predisposes boris to murder and alcoholism.

And you dont get to segregate Boris. Lel

Go look up what mosquitos do and then get back to me having stained your drawers with urine.

There is and never will be anything special about horizontal gene transfer. Your precious nature does it more than we do.

liar. show me the last time nature put a fish's dna into corn and I'll give you a dollar.

a fish doesn't "own" its dna, pleb.
dna gets shuffled across species regularly. most of the dna in your body isn't even yours, but belongs to your microbiome which outnumbers you 10 to 1
educate yourself before you open your ignorant mouth, rufus

They already did this once before. This article is titled in a way to imply a problem that isn't one.

Putin will move to PM while a puppet is put in as president. He'll serve for 6 years then Putin will run again. Rinse and repeat

yea its totally GMO and definitely not how more people eat heavily processed microwave meals more than ever

oh, so he's following the trend of american democrat politicians in small municipalities?

a microbiome does not equal one's dna. what bs new age site are you getting your info from?

which contain gmo foods.


By the time Putin finishes his term he will be 72. Add six years as Prime Minister and Putin will be 78 before he can run again. He does not have another Prime Ministership in him

Russia will balkanize before the end of his term tbh

that's not an example of fish to plant.
it's not even a confirmation of insect to plant, but a suggestion of common dna sequences that could have come from them.
dna sequences alone don't mean much. every living thing is made of the same kind of base pairs. it's the entire genome and how it's structured that makes a difference. remember that there's only a 2% difference between humans and chimps. and look at the difference it would make if you changed your human genome with just 2% of certain parts. how much worse off would you be if got turned into a chimp?
and yet you think it's okay to make these changes to the crops we grow? how much % is okay?