Polish priest wishes Pope early death over call for Catholics to take in Muslim refugees


A Polish priest has been called to account for his actions after wishing an early death on Pope Francis.

Father Edward Staniek, a parish priest in the southern city of Krakow, had apparently been angered by the pope’s call for Catholics to take in Muslim refugees because it was their Christian duty.

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Poland should make their own Christianity with blackjack and hookers

Poland should form it's own church

Poland should set up their own Pope, then declare a crusade on the Vatican

One day Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant will be united under one banner of Christ and we will retake this world.

I swear it.


So this is going to go down like the first roman empire. The west fell apart early on, overrun by barbarians.

So long as the Pope gets put to the cross.

Secede from the Church already, Poland.

One day Mohammedans, Christians and Jews will be seen as the Abrahamic menace they truly are, and always have been, and will be wiped from the face of this planet.



We need an anti-pope, tbh.

It's around time too, according to the Prophecy of Popes.


you wish.

How many is that satanist pope housing in the fucking Vatican?

Why would you, for any reason, help someone who wants you dead? Even if your kindness changes the mind of a few extremists into more moderate views, it won't stop their friends from killing you. At best they won't torture you and will kill you quickly. How pathetic.

This time round salvation will come from eastern europe. The west has had its chance.

These rosary rattlers should turn their backs on this cucked religion.


we can only hope.

"I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things?"

No thanks. I'm not going back to living in huts. Western Europe is almost pagan again anyway, what with all the raping, robbing, and pillaging. Blood and sex rituals will complete the transformation. So go live there and fuck off.

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anti-pope when?


The Pope is playing 5D chess. He realizes showing mercy to the Muslims will make it easy to convert them

Polacks, being white niggers, are getting in his way

This isn't true at all, people only change when staying the same becomes intolerable.

I will Second his prayers. Our god is not the muslim allah or the jewish yahweh.