15 years after the invasion of Iraq, still zero accountability for the war


Today marks the 15th anniversary of arguably the most ignominious act in the history of American foreign policy: the invasion of Iraq. It devastated the lives of millions of innocents and inflicted terrible casualties on America’s military and their families. One should not mince words. The decision to invade will forever tarnish America.

Saddam Hussein may have been a loathsome dictator, but he was not a threat to the United States. He possessed no weapons of mass destruction and had no role in 9/11. The argument that the Iraq invasion was a necessary “Phase Two” in the “War on Terror” is laughable. The invasion of Iraq was a reckless war of choice made by belligerent policymakers with imperialistic personalities and opaque motives.

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what could they be?

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It was worth it for the Freedom Fries.

why the fuck are we still there? seriously fuck this government.


yeah sure Saddam Hussein was savior right? gassing people, attacking Iran, working with the US government before they turn on him
what a guy

Except that migration of hebrew semites into Europe is hypothetical, whereas the migration of millions of syrian semites is real, thanks to (((Assad))) and (((Putin)))

Surely people aren't this naive

only losers are accountable in war

All the WMD stuff was made-up. I'd post the video of the retired general who exposes the plan to "invade 7 countries in 5 years", but I lost it so whatever. It got posted on Zig Forums many times, so probably you already saw it.

i call bullshit

You're forgetting something else. Saddam was the only person who kept the jihadists in check, instead of overrunning Iraq.

Doesn't matter. The shithole known as the middle east has lots of hiding places for jihadi scum, including afghanistan, pakistan and pretty much all of northern africa. If a dictator puts too much pressure on them, they just move elsewhere.

That graphic is showing how hebrew semites will migrate into other regions of the Middle East like Syria while the original inhabitants will migrate into Europe as refugees you fucking sub-nigger IQ braindead moron. And tell me exactly how the few brain cells you have formed the idea of Assad being a kike forcing millions of sandniggers to migrate to Europe?

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I call mentally retarded boomer who thinks SAGE! is the same as a downvote.


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who cares if hebrew and arab semites fight each other and steal each other's land?
we don't need to fight their wars (israel's or syria's) and we don't need their rapefugees either

post the video, faggot
you can't because it literally doesn't exist

Absolutely cucked.

If that's so, stop supporting the kike argument that the arab dictators deserved to be attacked when attacking them was the reason this rapefugee bullshit began in the first place

I'm not him (I think I know what he's referring to though, I'll look for it) but here, check this repository
If you search online you'll find that most of ISIS was formed by soldiers that previously worked for Saddam but were let loose by the US government afterwards. The Libyan civil war is what started all this rapefugee bullshit even according to kike media. And the Syrian civil war is directly responsible for millions of rapefugees coming into this europe. Once again I implore you to hang yourself you worthless traitor to your people, country, and all that is good in the world as a whole.

Ooh thats some clever reverse psychobabble.

Jews are using false wars to depopulate the middle east and exporting these muslims to europe as "refugees"

Why doesnt israel take them?

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bush sr started this shit. people sucked obamas cock because he said he would end it but us oldcucks knew it was a lie. we could of prevented this but now its still ongoing.

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We really have become fucking pussies…
Nigger, in a 8+ YEAR long foreign war, U.S. deaths didn't even reach 5K. Meanwhile, at the Battle of Antietam, Over 3.5K Dead in ONE DAY.

yes but what did they die for?
that's the big difference

True, but that's a different argument, I'm specifically talking about how fucking sensitive everyone has gotten. It just boggles my mind how no one looks at history and sees how truly good we have it now when shit was so much harsher in the past.

Always remember the 6 gorillian.

our most important wars, yet our people are so hopeless they sign up to fight for other peoples interests just to feed their fucking families. how many total deaths under the bushes, clinton and obama regimes? who the fuck is gonna bring our boys home? fuck all these countries. they hate us anyway. we pretty all but abandoned vietnam, the (nva) took over the country, btfo of the khmer rouge and the PLA and are still kicking. but now look at south korea and japan. both cuck ass countries living in fear, both states living with an american base.

You must mean General Wesley Cark?

we got fucking played after 9/11, and people older and younger than me still ignore it.

Oopsie :P