Interview with Former British Ambassador exposes UK government ‘Novichok’ hoax

Craig Murray gave a very revealing interview on RT, which blows apart the UK / Deep State lies about the nerve agent poisoning…

“Why would Russia ‘blow’ Novichok program by assassinating an old bloke?”

Murray notes that British government pressured scientists over nerve agent origin, and is now lobbying the OPCW to play along with the charade.

Murray reveals how Deep State controlled actors like UK government, US government, EU and the UN use words carefully to spit out their propaganda and warmongering…


i'm not going to watch the video

i haven't followed this at all, but has someone given a cursory explanation as to why the Russian government would decide to kill a ex-agent in a manner that would openly identify them as the culprits but then lie about doing it afterwards

Putins reelection was on Sunday, his numbers have been slipping despite him locking up and disappearing journalists/politicians who threatened him. This helped him play the "Look how strong and relevant I am!" card.

That's retarded, but a lot of normies really do think that way.

Oh dear god, he called me a normie in a passive aggressive fashion! I must be wrong!

It's pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain that this was a very sloppy false flag attempt.

strange system, hey, at least he's concerned about the integrity of the voting process

To be fair, what you said is retarded.

The BBC makes it seem like this guy was a spy who decided to spend a peaceful retirement in the UK. But in reality he was sent to spy on the UK and got turned by the UK and worked against the Russians.

This is a warning to other Russian spies that might be thinking of doing the same thing.

It's just completely in character for the Russians, and is something they've done repeatedly over the last few decades. Are they paying you to suck Putins cock? Or do you do it for free?

I think given the russiaphobia in the media its understandable that people are very skeptical about these kinds of stories.

I actually think the Russians are to blame for this one. But theres been so many false stories that get hyped to the maximum in the media and then get debunked, like them hacking the French elections. So people dont trust everything they read in the media on that subject.

That's a fair point. The fake news regarding Russia is completely over the top. That doesn't mean that Russia can do no wrong though. For all the Russophobia in the mainstream media there is a rather nauseous current of Russophilia and "POOTIN, LE BAYSED SAVEEOR OF LE HUWITE RAYSE!" on Zig Forums. They and he are a competing power on the world stage, and should be viewed as such.

Most PUYTIN BAYSED posters are usualy put in their place by simply showing the changing demographics of the country and the kremlins actions towards pro ethnic Russian groups. Why would you even care about the opinion of people who prefer their fantasy over the facts.

You know, they give themselves away everytime they do this, ever since the 6 million jews gassed in holohoax. But more recently:
WMDs as a pretext to invade Iraq
Accusing Asssad of using chemical weapons on his own people (several times, as they got really desperate in their attempt to take over Syria)


wow, what's it like being this scientifically illiterate, brainlet?

It would be a good video but i think it is more embarrassing if the all mighty putin was innocent.

Single death is a worldwide tragedy, meanwhile jews keep slaughtering hundreds and thousands of syrians and Palestinians as they please. To them killing foreigners is a statistic. That spy guy was presumably a traitor to his home country and his host country. Man who cared not for loyalty but for money. Is it not a question of integrity and believability of the legal system that criminals get punished. As an emperor would you let a shol'va freely run around mocking your galactic empire.

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Because, unfortunately, these fuckers can vote and persuade other retards.

Wait, is it not default practice to kill enemy spies?
Is there a single country in the world that isn't actively killing spies? What am I missing that would make this shocking..

The Russophilia is a natural reaction to our disenfranchisement in the West. Putin is the perfect figure to cheer on because he makes the glow sticks so mad and look incompetent.

I sure as fuck am not going to fight in any Jew war over Ukraine. Let Putin make them look like fools.

Да, товарищ. Родина победит все

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Based Putin. He’s going to stick it to those faggy Eurocrats. Go Putin, go!