The former director of the CIA said Wednesday he thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin might have some kind of leverage over President Donald Trump that leaves the U.S. leader scared when the two interact.

Former CIA Director John Brennan's statement came just after Trump reportedly congratulated Putin in a phone call on his election win—in what is largely considered a sham election—despite a note from his national security advisers that read, in all caps, "DO NOT CONGRATULATE."

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As if his opinion is relevant

Remember those WMDs?

leverage ? You mean like proof the US government might have done something wrong ?
who doesn't have that ?

Not as much as Bibi though

This is getting out of hand - now there's seven of them!

Deutsche Bank underwrote a $650 million dollar loan to the Trump Organization back around 2005 when no American banks would touch the company because of six bankruptcies. The loan was reported by FT and WSJ as surprising considering the post-recession position of the Trump Organization.

Who provided second tier backing a.k.a. the risk capital for the loan? The Bank of Cyprus. A bank in Cyprus that has earned the reputation as the best place for Russian oligarchs to launder their money into the west. The Russians not only can clean their money here, but gain EU citizenship by holding residence 183 days a year. A lot of advertising in Limmasol, Cyprus - a Bank of Cyprus outpost - is in Russian Cyrillic.

Ironically, Paul Manafort received income payments from Russian and right wing Ukrainian parties that he failed to pay taxes on to the tune of $12 million and $16 million in '14 and '15 respectively. These transactions are included in the Mueller investigation charges against Manafort to which he is pleading not guilty.

This is the tip of the iceberg. But, yes, the "surprising" loan in 2010 of laundered Russian money through Cyprus is likely the compromise the Russians have against Trump. Trump's fear of Putin is real. Mueller has the A to Z together as we speak, his team is strengthening each fact of evidence in the case. Letting it go on further strengthens the case of treason against Trump and many others.

i dont think both men are afraid of anyone.

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based post and true. and people wonder why he got into office.

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Yeah, I stopped reading there.

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4chan must be laughing their tits off

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cuckchan not welcome

I dont want them here but you have to admire their success with trolls like peegate.



seems to be a trend with our politics
former meaning anything from 20 years ago to 'YA FIYAD!!!!'

proof random fucktards telling you about their country is more reliable than any MSM anywhere in the world.
i remember some brazilians telling me shit about their ex president was about to sent to jail but i could literally find nothing. took me a half hour to find anything close but i literally had to search brazil internet in portuguese, and im an 'uncultured retarded amerimutt'. the absolute state of humanity.

Also, he did enact sanctions against Russian officials and even attacked a Russian airbase in Syria.

(((They))) are, as always, scaremongering. Besides, I cannot see how calling the leader of the other (former) world superpower to give him the protocol "congratulations!" could be anything but a common courtesy gesture, since Putin did the same for Trump in 2016.

For fuck sake, even during the Cold War both the US President and the Soviet Chairman did exchanged these small gestures, even if they were insincere:

no one gives a shit about america this is about leverage over trump personally. his ego is too large to wanna let anything come out

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Next Monday the last appeals from his defence are supposed to be appreciated by the court, and his jailing can occur shortly after that. But today Brazil's Supreme Court may concede him an habeas corpus to spare him from jail, since he nominated more than half of the judges (but ironically enough, the ones whom he didn't nominated are the ones pushing to keep him out of jail).

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