Pope Francis tells aspiring priests to 'not be scared of tattoos'


Pope Francis told aspiring young priests “not to be scared of tattoos” and to use them as a talking-point to encourage dialogue.

There was a problem with “exaggeration” where people are covering their bodies, the pontiff said, but there was no problem with tattoos specifically.

“Do not be scared of tattoos," he said, before pointing out to the 300 strong crowd at the Pre-Synodal meeting at the The Vatican, that for years Eritreans had made a cross on their foreheads.

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great, i thought the pope was my nigga. turns out he just supports niggers.

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If so, I hope it is something similar to Latin American gangster style. Religious symbolism (maybe a portrait of Christ, or Mary, a cross), surrounded by a few phrases about life and death, a gun somewhere, and something that identifies him with his set (Rome, Argentina).

Or just his favorite Taylor Swift lyrics up the side of his rib cage.

Someone I know in law school has a crazy tattoo. Little do interviewing employers know that under their suit lies a full blown portrait of Taylor Swift covering almost their entire back.

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Lev 19:28

God disagrees with you there Mr anti-pope.

I know it's from the part of the Bible weak willed progressive Christians would prefer didn't exist, but unless Jesus specifically changed it there is no reason to think it doesn't count. He came here fufilling hundreds of prophecies outlined in the OT and specifically spoke in the way outlined in the Torah. If Jesus, son of God, considered it valid then it's valid.

This is the pope that said Muslims and Christians worship the same god

Glad to see the church is still focusing on the big issues.

Christians disregard 90% of the bible, user. It's a sad state of affairs. And hey, I'm irreligious, I don't personally care, but I think it's silly. Religion always served the purpose, at least where I live, of saving traditions, and that's something I can somewhat respect. They should stick to it, rather than chasing modern "trends" to attract new members.

this Argentinian white cuck is really pushing it. pretty soon we'll be having priests with face tattoos, abortion acceptance and people saying Pol Pot did nothing wrong. this fuck has gotta go.

he's not the real pope. why do people keep forgetting this? the pope was chosen and still alive, but forced to be silent.
most dont realize why. its because he was in hitlers youth and said knowledge of the holocaust was not widespread amongst nazis, and apparently was a holocaust truther and nazi sympathizer. he was also said to be "anti semetic" gee, i wonder why he would have been divinely chosen as the pope in this day and age as the truth is revealing itself to the masses? must be a mistake! quick! do some unholy ceremony because the high ranking vatican cadrinals/chruch members have no faith in the church and the lord by extension! faith cant contradict our brainwashing and politics!

tattoos are degenerate

of course the church would go from a literal nazi pope to a literal commie one. more g*rman garbage. just fuck my shit up fam.

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no they arent. unfortunately degenerates have ruined yet another thing.

saving you screenshot of my op. thanks, made my day

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There is no such thing as a heretical Pope. Only Catholic worshipers who are behind the times. What do you expect when you call yourself the Universal Religion?

same type of thinking that separated us all because of a g*rman. catholics on Zig Forums hate me for it and I get banned but when I also call out pr*ts i also get banned. pretty fucking tiring.

If your body is a temple, and tattoos are okay, does this mean it's okay to spray paint graffiti in the Vatican?

people are suffering and you think Jesus would care about paint?

People are going to suffer and die. Jesus didn't come for that you swine.

Say five hail Mary's and Jesus will remove the Hep C from your dumb ass.

Say ten hail Mary's and Jesus will cure you of HIV.

The pope is not infallible and you do not have to believe him.

Historically only niggers had tattoos.