Trump's Grandson Reels In A Giant Bull Shark

Donald Trump Junior captioned the image with a description saying the shot was from last weekend when Donnie caught his first bull shark. Trump Junior described how Donnie caught it with minimal help from his father and their fishing guide. They took a quick picture and then released the shark back into the ocean.

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nice! he's already accomplished more in one fishing trip than his grandfather in the past year.

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Breaking new: PETA hunting down President's grandson!

it makes sense that employment rates wouldn't matter to a communist

Id love to go shark fishing someday and work with someone who knows how to process most of the shark into food to do just that.

Breaking news: Barron Trump creates entire functioning planet inside a Minecraft server complete with sentient AI which has identified Barron as "God". The youngest Trump son says he is planning on incarnating himself into the game next week, and has no plans to return back to this dimension.

wtf was Jabber Jaw's problem?

you mean the ones that reached record levels thanks to obama's policies?

You mean putting unemployed people on disability so they don't count as unemployed and can get benefits?

You mean skewing the definition of employed from full-time to part-time?

You mean not counting those who have been unemployed for a longtime and only counting the recently unemployed?


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Well his grandfather has clearly devastated your ass so I'd say he's accomplished something

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Yeah all the shit Obama did. Last thing I heard Trump brought a couple manufacturing plants back to the USA. Real jobs.

And then decided to blow up an airfeild because muh gassed babies, the whole Jerusalem thing, trying to start a war with Iran, side with the establishment on Gun control, a hollow "Wall", continued ignored Israel dicksucking and all that

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Neither, and really they're all the same tbh
Remember Bibi Slept in Kushner's Bed, Bibi and the Kushners are family friends

Well It's only natural to of heard so much seeing as Trump and your beloved Ocongo loves to drone on on the subject

I was told that shark was shitty meat. I'm not a chef/gourmand/deep-sea fisherman tho. you might assume I dont know shit

I guess some people like it? …kinda like how China buys US-raised carp–that nobody in the US will eat–because Chinese people don't like the taste of the polluted-water-carp from their own rivers. :>|

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This topic about someone that is related to the president has nothing to do with politics but people will still shove politics in it because oh look he knows the president.

so make up your mind. is unemployment low or not? if it wasn't during obama's years (at 4%) then why is that same 4% during trump's first year (in which he did nothing to influence employment) all of a sudden an accomplishment? go back to reddit you superficial douche.

Unemployment is still high and we never recovered from the recession but Donald Trump has brought back more jobs which has actually lowered unemployment rates compared to Obama.

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his tariff talk from a couple weeks back alone has already cost more jobs than the 100 he brought back to coal mines in pennsylvania. and i thought i told you to go back to reddit? you can post funny pictures there and people will appreciate them. here you need some knowledge and education before you're allowed to post.

Oh is that so? So those tariffs have stopped the Ford plant being built in America instead of Mexico? It stopped Apple from building their factory in America? Did those tariffs stop Jack Ma of Alibaba from trying to manufacture here in America? He's in talks right now and in the planning stages. Whoever is consulting and designing those blueprints have been employed because of Donald Trump.

Sorry kid. Just repeating go back to reddit isn't going to work when you have no argument.

You could benefit from reading a book.

here's your (((you)))

1. none of your examples (two, three?) are a direct result of anything trump did.
2. those few examples are a drop in the bucket compared to how many jobs are being lost thanks to a trade war.
3. go back to reddit and post a meme

The fins are what you eat and you throw the rest in the trash.
Asian culture is so beautiful.