Hilarious: Disney Releases New Solo Posters, Without The Guns


By now most people have heard of the screw up surrounding the latest Star Wars movie posters, it turns out they were completely plagiarized from a 2015 set of Jazz album covers requiring them to be redesigned. Disney just can't do anything right when it comes to this Han Solo movie, now the company has re-released the posters for a third time, this time without any guns!

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Yeah. Sure. More like this is the safest way to avoid offending easily-triggered suburban moms on the current hotbutton issue. No need to openly stating that you're removing them for the gun's sake and angering the opposite camp either.

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Who will be the Mary Sue in this one to upstage and marginalize the main male character?

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hand solo

Hung Solo

It's the special edition of E.T. all over again.

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So this is 'hilarious'????

I'll tell you what's hilarious…

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Except for the 'new' poster is the one that has the blasters in it… It's also the one that looks photoshopped the worst..

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Can't wait for the anti-gun rhetoric to delete guns from the actual movie. Characters just point fingers at each other going pew pew.

Then, we enter a future period where no hollywood movie has any guns in their plots.

And then people will finally stop watching movies.

Where did your jersey bullshit come from? Is that how you understand the world: you either watch starwars or you worship niggerball players?

Star Wars is already dead.

How about a new version to remove that douchy looking face he is making?

He looks like he's asking Lando, "Are you fucking my mom?"

Imagine if Spielberger took the original Matrix movie and edited all the guns into walkie-talkies. I would pay to see this.

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congrats you destroyed your own marketing

That's still better than what Disney's done to it

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You laugh, but there is a Gungan weapon with faux-organic ridges, and Palpatine's lightsaber looks a bit phallic as it is.
A custom lightsaber (which is most lightsabers) with a passing resemblance to a dragon dildo might be crafted for purely aesthetic reasons by someone who doesn't care for the usual straight silver tube.
The only implausible part is that pink light doesn't really exist, only a mix of red and violet.

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Fuck Soy Wars. I don't care of Katarn is "Han Solo, but with a light saber." Star Wars was never deep.

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Oy vey non-canon goy. Only widely nostalgic and (((progressive))) characters are canon now. Now go see the movies and buy the merchandise.

Also im gay lol

This thread

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