Democratic Solution to Parkland Massacre: Transparent Backpacks - Students Furious

The liberal mentality of the Democratic Party has never been one of high intellectual capacity - nor has it been one of logic or reason - but now - the Broward County Public School System - in a response to the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida - has created a new level of stupidity - with suggesting that the use of “clear backpacks” and “identification badges” will somehow be a proper response to deter the next would-be mass shooter.

That's right America, the left wing is officially braindead.

I'm not sure how the superintendent of the Democrat-heavy Broward County Public Schools feels that the use of a transparent bookbag carried by students will prevent someone from bringing either a semiautomatic handgun or a revolver into the school, or how it will prevent someone determined to simply open fire on a crowd of students with an AR-15 from doing so, but that's the solution being brought to the table by the left.

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Kek fucking kids are so easily fooled.

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If this "kid" gets shot, it would be the most justified shooting in the history of America.

That's a great idea. Any communist cocksucker student who goes out and protests for banning guns should be forced to wear clear backpack like a bitch he is.

Wait a minute. Those eyes…

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if only hogg had a transparent backpack that day, he would have seen his books and trapperkeeper and maybe been reminded to not shoot the place up with the rifle in the back seat

Nah, they would have seen his FBI and CNN credentials.


Yeah, I've seen this before. Hilarious and ridiculous, and completely ineffective. I'm just enjoying the scoodnfruity.

This is mind bogglingly retarded, a school shooter isn't going to attempt to hide his shit in a backpack for half a day or something, he's just straight up going to walk through the front door guns ablaze.

Okay. Transparent backpack. I have my hoodies and change of gym clothes in my backpack. Also folded into my spare clothing is 3 guns. Now what?
Transparent clothes in grade and high schools?

this is (((their))) real end goal

The 25 year old homosexual actor with aids that has been promised a life time supply of experimental aids medication in exchange for some green screen acting?

the hogg sucks loggs

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I bet Hogg can't go back to that school now. Not that it would bother a sociopath like him anyway.

All female gym changing rooms should have live video feed, transparent walls with a public gallery outside, and the girls should wear transparent clothes, and also a transparent oiled up buttplug at all times to ensure they aren't hiding any contraband.
They should also rub oil all over each other to ensure they are too slippery to hold any guns.
The best way to oil each other up would be to have a wide, shallow pool where they can slide and writhe over each other to ensure complete ensurance of oil coverage. Periodically checking that each other's buttplugs are correctly inserted by tugging on them and running their mouths over each others pulsating vulvas.

I won't feel safe until that happens.
I am sure you all agree.

Why didnt you run for president? Youd have my vote.


Right. This isn't about actually making them safe. It's about making them FEEL safe. Because their feelings are more important than anything else, lest you fags forget.

I approve this message!

Good. I hope this is implemented nationwide. Teenagers hate it when their frivolous comforts are taken away. Do so much as make them wear belts and they'll question it and defy it endlessly until it's removed. They're like little rebellious lemmings. Easily accepting of everything a lemming likes but questions the most minute things imaginable, like this policy for example. Is it unreasonable? Sure why not, but as long as they know it's some unfair policy advocated by a bi-partisan group of mean old people, the first seed of questioning and descent will take root in their minds against a system they formally didn't care about. A long shot statement? Say what you want, but while an ash husk may look stable at first glance, all it takes is a gentle gust of wind to completely disintegrate it all.

This, it's both sad and infuriating that kids are so fucking stupid and easily led to believe anything (((they))) want, and at the same time it's fucking disgusting (((they))) would use children to further an oppressive agenda.

He literally looks like angry Wojak. This meme year keeps getting better.

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cannot unsee this lol

Make sure to wrap them in skid marked drawers to discourage an inspection.