French police officer shot after swapping himself for hostage, officials say

A French policeman who was shot by a gunman Friday after swapping himself for a hostage in a siege at a supermarket in the southwest town of Trebes is being praised as a hero. The policeman was among a group of officers who rushed to the scene after the attacker, who claimed allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group, stormed the store and fired on shoppers and staff before taking them hostage.

The suspect, identified as 26-year-old Redouane Lakdim, shot dead two people at the supermarket after earlier opening fire on passengers in a car, killing one of them, and injuring a police officer in nearby Carcassonne.

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Thats maximum french right there.

Good move by isis.

No heroes now, only death.

I'd say it's the opposite of what everyone expects typical French to be like

Here's to You
Arnaud Beltrame

A literal fucking cuck holy shit lmao. I bet he thought the invaders would be peaceful lol. This is what happens to weak coward faggots. He should have packed a hidden firearm and blasted the muslim the first chance he got. If the French had any balls they would have sent in special forces from the very beginning.

American poster detected.

When an enemy is killing your people, you don't submit yourself before him and hope for mercy, you put a bullet in his fucking skull.


What if he saw too much Bruce Willis movies and had a weapon or tried something funny?

americans really are the biggest spergs, you never get tired of embarrassing yourselves do you

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Euro cuck living in Eurostan detected

Or simply shoot at him. He was a trained police officer, he had no excuse not to shoot back. The guy was a coward and he died like a bitch. Because of him, more people are probably going to die. He brought shame to his country and emboldened his nation's enemies by being so weak.

Finally, some good news out of that shithole.

I think he just couldn't take it anymore and wanted death. Everyone now think he is hero wew.

Honorable, RIP

guaranteed to cause maximum butthurt to fuckwit americans for cutting truth

This is obviously fake news, as the ar-47 assault platform is illegal in France, thus illegals cannot illegally use illegally imported firearms.

Should have minded his own business.


Ban bump stocks and assault magazines in France!


Yeah, the cawwadoody types exist by the hundreds, but only because we Amerifats still have healthy T levels in our bodies.

The big question is whether to have a thoroughly cucked and disarmed populace/police force or continue looking like easy prey for the derkas. You ``some Belgian fucks`` will decide which, I guess~

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They did when they cornered the Bataclan theatre killers. Yet this is being allowed to continue.
Why would that be?


It's obvious that hardly any of the shitposters in this thread read the article at all. The guy protected the civilian at the cost of his life, pretty noble if you ask me.

This guy may have been shitposting but he's not far off, the power of hindsight is strong in internet tough guys, well it's strong in anyone that has an opinion on some sort of tragedy like this. If you think you can do a better job in these situations then I recommend joining your local PD, should be a piece of cake for you to take care of these situations with no casualties at all to either your fellow officers or the local citizenry.

I would, but I hate French people.

he saved a life. the french fought off the invading hordes before when the southern eu nations couldn't. protect your families. the faggot boy fucking lefties want us to accept these savages as people when they claw at us and only want to destroy us, when they were never a great nation they only invaded old rome and invented zero. these are inbreeding diseased goat rapers who want to rape your little 9 year old boys and girls, and they do. all europe gives us is women who march against "all men" when the muslims plan mass rapes to impregnate them and interbred to conquer their land. war
(sorry for getting preachy, our own side who needs us to protect them is ruining us)