Tens of thousands of protestors in Washington take aim at politicians and the NRA toend gun violence


Hundreds of thousands of people fed up with gun violence in America descended on Washington — and in cities around the world — on Saturday to demand change.

The "March For Our Lives" protests come just over a month after 17 people were fatally gunned down at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

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Millions of gun owners disagree.

actually, i believe it is over 70% of both dems and republicans that agree on more gun control checks.

so what you're saying is that tens of thousands/hundreds of thousands which is it? ill-informed, ignorant, and brainwashed youngters took to the street, showing just how clueless about history they are, in wanting more government over-reach, all of this in reaction to incidents in which the powers that be already proved their incompetence by failing to enforce the already existing regulation that should have prevented this in the first place.

in other words, idiots are asking for the government to add new rules on top of those they already failed to follow, in the hopes that they are gonna be more competent next time. also treating this as if it was a cure for the disease plaguing our society, instead of simply adressing the symptoms.

How many of these guys did Soros bus in?

And I am just sitting here laughing that they are giving trump the means to enslave them, which he would be a fool to not do so.



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And all it took to create these fools was a crappy education, a biased media as well as virtue-signalling companies.

Who knew gamergate was just the start of this insanity?

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millions of pajeets wipe their asses with their hands. does that mean its okay?

Billions of people around the world using bidets or paper say no. Try harder next time.

billions of people dont use guns in their societies and don't have monthly school shootings

Billions of people own guns, only some of them cannot access basic medical care and mental health care.

name one

The USA.

yet for some reason all of europe, canada and australia dont have a problem with school shootings and people can still own guns. really makes you think the US might have a problem with gun regulation

France was just shot up again just a few days ago. At least put some effort in to your lies.

and america had fucking planes flown into the world trade center. but we're on the topic of school shootings

Which one is it, Fake News?
Also don't forget to show all those ebul nahtzee guns about how tough and serious you are about taking away their guns by looking like a heroin addict and "throwing up" on live national television.

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is that real? it seems like the sounds are clipped in

Demanding to talk only of school shootings is cherrypicking for the purposes of ignoring all other facts. And besides, schools are a gun-free zone. Even your regulations are fubar.

Guys, there's a simple solution to this that nobody seems to be considering. You accept that these antiliberty are just scared and want the state to fix everything for them, don't judge it won't help find the solution. Once you've accepted that you can offer these people everything they want: state funded housing, guaranteed work, an environment where the only weapons are in the sole control of state appointed agents. Once they've gotten very excited about this offer you explain that it's a permanent move (to keep them safe forever), and that 100% of their assets would need to be seized in order to pay for this wonderful life; that probably wouldn't stop them at this point though. They'll be crawling over each other to sign up, make sure that there are plenty of armed police on hand to make sure that there's no violence (they're not that great at self control and they'll be eating each other if they think it gets them closer to this dream). Once they've signed all the paperwork and handed over complete ownership of their everything you escort them to their new lives … as permanent inmates at a series of new maximum security prisons.

this is what happens when

1> any time reasonable people protest something a rented mob of 'antifa' turn up so people stop doing it
2>People like Trump embrace what are obvious false flags, hoaxes and coverups

These social engineering events need to be exposed for what they are and if I have a beef with Trump it would be over this.

Are you honestly believing that the antifa mobs are fake?

I haven't laught this hard in 2 months. The bandicam logo in the top was worth it. Thanks for the catch.

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Nope fuck yourself

Gun control checks ? You mean background checks ? Fully automatic Cuck detected.

Have fun in the gulag you uneducated fools. Pick up a history book and read.

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It sounds like you are pretending to be an avid reader. People who actually read don't say things this vague. Different books say different things even if they are about the same subject, so if you wish to push an agenda, you need to be specific with your titles.

You do realize canada up until 2 years ago held the record for largest mass shooting and held that record since the 80's, yes?


And yet all the people with guns have done nothing to solve the problem, so they're all worthless.


wtf i hate women now

Keep trying cuck, you stick out like a sore thumb.

You don't belong here you fucking kike.

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again, we're talking about school shooters. america still has the highest rate of gun violence and you cant explain that away going "t-that one time canada had a mass shooting that has nothing to do with the fucking monthly school shootings america has!"

That still doesn't make it okay. In fact I would go as far as saying the government should have no idea what firearms people own. Everything that's not an ABC weapons should be sold to everyone without background checks or entering it into a (((gun database))).

If they really serious they should fight for disarmament of the police. No joke, if police officers expect me to be unarmed, I say they should walk the walk every citizen does every day. I know some police officers do (kind of) believe in the 2nd amendement or something similar in other countries, yet they still cooperate with agencies dedicated to grabbing guns.

So about as many as were at Hillary's rallies then?

Also, fuck off. The state doesn't have the moral authority to give or rescind 'rights', even if such a thing did exist.

user I love your plan but, why not harvest their organs instead of wasting money and precious land on Super-Max prisons?
Its their body they signed away, lets make sure we can fully afford the new world for their children!

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The cost is offset by confiscating their assets, and your plan lacks the irony of letting them enjoy the hell they want to create.

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Post videos/links to chimpouts on twitter #2stupid4guns #guncontrol

literally just go redpill some lefties that niggers are too dangerous to be allowed to bear arms

Muslims are too dangerous to own guns

The best counter argument to anti gun fanatics is asking them if they think govt can become tyrannical.

Then asking what their opinion on Trump is.

You'll generally get:

Then ask them, what gun would you ban and why?
To which the uneducated masses reply:

Or something stupid like that.

Blacks and latinos IQ is too low to show proper discretion with firearms #guncontrol

So get rid of the police army and courts then, right?

Brasil has a homicide rate higher than the whole western hemisphere combined but have very strict gunslaws.
Mexico has cartels beheading police officers and their sons or executing whole villages, also very strict gun laws.
How does the boot taste boomer?

Young Fuhrer David Hogg wants to disarm the kikes before putting them in the ovens #guncontrol


Shut up nu/pol/

Syria, Chad, Niger, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and many more would like a word with you.

We casually ignore these countries whenever we deal with gun violence and crimes related to guns, but they are countries and they do have governments with laws against guns that are broken far FAR more frequently. In some cases well beyond the host governments ability to even track.

The government can not fucking save you from gun violence unless you live on a fucking island. So basically Australia and Britain escape it, but even then not all the time.


you shut up niggerfaggot all we gotta do is make gun control look racist/antisemitic and we win

Start spamming Malcom X and Marx quote pics then, because both were pro gun

There are no good examples, I stated this right afterward with the phrase "but even then not all the time." If gun violence happens even once under policies meant to protect the people where the people, if armed, could have done a better job themselves then the government has displayed full-fledged incompetence on the issue.

Fully agree

Its easier than that. Just truth bomb every gun control discussion with black gun crime statistics and start goosestepping at their marches

Shit, You might be onto something here. This is a chance to quite literally make the left look like national socialists on global media. Americans have been programmed to hate nazis more than anything else, and with the lefts call for gun control and socialism, why wouldn't they become the new home of the nazi movement?

Daily reminder once they've done away with the second amendment they're coming for the first.

But don't you already believe the government is tyrannical? Why else would you be vehemently against background checks, holding gun stores libel, having a minimum age to purchase a firearms, a limit on the amount of firearms you can purchase at one time, or requiring a safety course to obtain a license if that wasn't the case? It's almost as if your angry rejection of any form of regulation exposes your pre-existing anti-government sentiments.

Which makes me ask what part of the our government makes you believe it's a form of tyranny? Our system of government has existed for 240 years, so has there been a recent development or has it always been there?

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Your first two sentences aren't connected. People want to protect the right to bear arms to prevent the government from becoming tyrannical, not as a reaction to a new tyrannical development, and this sentiment has always existed.

Your logical leap from saying that if you believe people shouldn't have a limit on the amount of firearms, then you already believe the government is tyrannical is retarded.

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Yes it is a tyrannical nazi government with (((fuhrer trump)))
and David Hogg is the head of the nazi youth and doesnt even realize it

(((Anonymous millionaire donors)))

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Reminder that the CLOUD Act already did away with it.