WH Official on Bolton: Everyone Here Under Obama Can Pack Their Sh*t


With the termination of know-leaker H.R. McMaster - experienced and brazen John Bolton is now President Trump's National Security Adviser - and he's already making waves with White House officials saying he's going to become a headhunter for the Obama holdovers still remaining inside the White House.

It's long overdue, and clearly, the appointment of a hawk-like John Bolton, albeit a controversial pick, is needed to clear the ranks of the Obama Communist plants who've set out since day one to destroy the Trump Presidency through either leaks or subversion.

What's happening now is that John Bolton is coming in to make a dramatic change, in a take-no-prisoners style of cleaning house that will ensure that President Trump is surrounded only by competent, strong appointments and staffers, and the rest of them can hit the road.

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The amount of salt flowing over this suggests all the right people are offended.

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I'm not sure what to think of this. On one hand, he's a neocon. On the other, he's going to piss off leftists to no end, and anyone who threatens to bomb countries on twitter is pretty good as far as I'm concerned.

Eh, I'll just the whole Iraq thing slide, just this once.

He looks and acts like the average WW-era White House official.

perfect. hilary clinton would have picked him herself

Is this was politics has been reduced to? What will trigger my opponents?

This is what deranged people actually think.

why do i feel like this is the Trump train these days

You know, the narrative that bolton was Mastermind to the iraq war really is the strangest fking thing. He was in no key position in the power structure during that war, all he had was an opinion on it.

The whole world's going to be destroyed in a massive WW3/economic collapse/societal breakdown/pandemic within a decade or two anyway, so I don't really care about anything else tbh. In the long run, none of their policies will actually matter, so I might as well support whoever makes leftist screech the loudest.

quite honestly it started in 2008 with obama. There were literally a whole bunch of racist gop that instead of making congress wheel and deal in the past, blocked their opposition just for the sake of doing it. it was the most spiteful divisive congress ever, and it had 100% to do with the fact that many of them didn't like a black guy being president. from there it all went downhill and now one party routinely blocks another just as a matter of course. example; we want a bill that prevents convicted terrorists from getting bombs or guns.
opposition: how dare you infringe on american terrorists rights! no!
it's so fuckin sad. but ultimately the blame does lay at the republicans of 2008. they set this standard.

Lucky your a mind reader to tell us what they were all thinking.

I thought they were ideologically opposed to his policies, such as publicly funded healthcare.

With good reason.

that doesn't account for knee-jerk opposition to everything else, including things that they actually both agree on, the example i gave was a real one. BOTH sides proposed identical legislation to keep weapons out of the hands of terrorists and BOTH sides knee-jerk opposed each other, just out of spite. but it was republicans who turned it into a habit at EVERY proposal, with no compromising or deal-making, unlike ever in the history of congress.

So by that logic the democrats knee-jerk opposition to everything Trump has proposed is because they are racist against Trumps orange skin colour?

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Cry some more, shitlib. Kang Nigger deserved to be stonewalled in Congress. Hell, he deserved a hell of a lot worse. He's lucky the cuckservatives didn't have the balls to do more.

no, they are opposed to his idiocy. giving jerusalem to israel carte blanche. tweeting the world to the brink of nuclear war with north korea. supplicating to russia and putin every chance he gets. congratulating putin on a sham election when his briefs said in bold block letters "DO NOT CONGRATULATE". starting a trade war that will benefit nobody. giving a trillion dollar tax cut in which 80% of it goes to the top 1% elite. etc.

no he didn't. but it's exactly this that shows how far teh GOP has declined. they have devolved to literal chan-tier assholes with exactly this sort of mind-set, instead of professionals who are meant to lead and represent.

Reminds me of a certain politician who tried to warn the world about Russia only to be laughed at by lefties and king nigger.

Any comments on that Zig Forums?

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What? You gonna defend Kang Nigger now?

I can't help but imagine you lithping that accusation out over your tongue piercing as you cry about the poor vibrant youths Trump is "abusing," before patting yourself on the back for being so very not racist and going to ask your Platonic Life Partner if she needs any help cleaning Tyrone's cum off her face.

You mean cuckolds who roll over and let leftists run roughshod over Americans' liberties while mumbling something about "losing with honor?" Anti-Americans who dress their globalist corporatism up in phony patriotism?

Nah, I think I like the new populist-nationalist Republican party better. If only we could get cuckolds like Paul Ryan and Mitch "the bitch" McConnel out. I'm sure there's some bureaucratic method of doing so, but I wouldn't personally have any problem with them being dragged out of Congress and burned alive on a pile of tires, with signs saying "this is what we do to traitors" posted on the perimeter.

This is what the Israel wants and expects

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typical chan-tier response that accomplishes nothing but establishing what a moron you are. this is why you will never be in politics. only image boards, where you are a real hero.

btw, I'm a straight-laced white man and conservative. but i know idiots when i see them and they disgust me, no matter what their political stripe. you're not even political. just a chan hack. go back to your memes so you can continue accomplishing nothing in life.

I was conflicted like that but then i realized that there aren't only two sides to this. Obama is shit but at least he was just a fad. The jews of israel are dedicated to tearing our country down, and we need to get real about noticing this. Trump's overall tone when he ran for president – that tone winning was great because of all the rage it's caused blacks on welfare/Hillary supporting women/all the way down the list to trannys, but we would be stupid as fuck as a nation if we were only happy with the 'american' liberals getting btfo while being willfully blind to these jews. It sometimes feels like we've decided to give our country away

You're like an effeminate Roman senator complaining about how uncivil and uncouth those mean, brutish barbarians are as they sack your town, rape your wife, and carry your wife's son off into captivity. You just don't seem to understand that no one gives a shit about your precious civility and professionalism anymore, either on the left or the right. You are a remnant of a dying paradigm. You are obsolete, and you will be discarded.

Good Jupiter, why would I ever want to be involved in the corrupt cesspit that is "politics?" I view that as a dirty word. If I ever see the need to make my voice in particular be heard, I'll do so in a more… "direct" manner.

Hi Jeb.

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I'm sure you do all that and more as you go about town, eh tough guy?

protip: 99% of channers are losers who barely know how to function around anyone. you're one of them.

I'm sure I am, Mr. "losing with dignity." I'm sure you'll find over the next few years that the Republican party isn't for you any more. You can try the Democrats if you want; neocons and neolibs are the same thing anyways. But I don't think they'll like having A FUCKING WHITE MAAAAALE doing anything but pledging fealty to them. Hell, you might like that though, so maybe that won't be so bad.


Maybe the republicans were opposed to Obamas idiocy.

(((the kind that will shill for jew wars everywhere and anywhere)))

what idiocy? amnesty and gun bans they are now pushing for themselves?

Trying to get the state to pay for peoples healtcare. For example.

Just think about how much Americans would eat knowing that the government would pay for their obesity bills?

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you mean that thing republicans didn't repeal after saying they would do so for years?

As I understand it Obamacare was put in place by executive order not by the usual means.

I think the problem here is that you are young and autistic so you have trouble seeing things from someone elses perspective.


No, it wasn't, you indoctrinated, marxist faggot.

Obama wasn't president until 2009 and democrats controlled the house until 2011 and the senate until 2015, retard

Thanks for the info. Im not Amerifat.

But I think my point still remains that people can disagree with policies on an ideological basis rather than skin colour being the only reason.

Genius at work here

When "popular" means "supported by globalists and multinational corporations", being unpopular is inherently good.

trump, is that you? always pointing fingers at the past like that has anything to do with what you're doing (or not doing) now. stop wallowing in misery over the past, stop wallowing in vanity over the past, and start doing something you fucking two-timing disgusting pornstar fucking douchebag!

only in america. the last developed country not to have universal health care to take care of it's own citizens. and it still ends up costing more than anyone else.


funny how that's exactly how america grew to be as great as it is. you prefer communism? should capitalism be abandoned? does it not drive progress towards the heights that western civ (american in particular) has achieved?

America was created by globalists and multinational corporations with no loyalty to the American people? That's strange, I thought America became great on nationalism and American industry.

And democrats didnt try and treat dubya the same? This sort of stuff has been going on for far longer. You're just young user

You would have to be slightly delusional if you really believe that you are talking to the president of the USA on Zig Forums.

I was just providing a reason that people might disagree with eachother in politics that isnt due to skin colour.
If you visit a racially homogeneous country such as Japan their politicians still disagree with one another even though they dont have the same race and skin colour divisions that western countries have.

Universal insurance funded healthcare is different to state funded healthcare.


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Tell that to the jews.

Both are shit.
Totalitarian gommunism.
Pay for your own care, niggers.

hope you can afford hundreds of thousands in care when your kid gets sick. fact is, all the countries that have universal health care are doing better than the US. And paying less for it. And they don't have to have those kinds of worries.

Simply, US Doctors are servants of Big Pharma and extremely OVERPAID to push their shit! German Drs make around $100K/yr. UD Drs $300K. See a problem. UD Drs are cucked by Big Pharma. Why our healthcare sucks!

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Healthcare in America doesn't work because the health problems we're dealing with aren't treatable with modern medicine. 70% of the annual healthcare expenditure is spent on treating chronic illnesses stemming from unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and alcohol consumption. The only things that can fix these lifestyle diseases are lifestyle changes. No drug, surgery, medical implant or whatever can fix this. It doesn't matter what type of healthcare policies we have, public, privatized, mixed, singlepayer, multipayer, nothing is going to work because that's not the problem we're dealing with. It's like the equivalent of people arguing about how to setup the logistics and workflow to best allow a systems administrator to fix cars. All while completely ignoring the fact that they're trying to get a sysadmin to fix cars. Whatever happens, the only outcome with continuing to push for western medical intervention is more profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

Various healthcare systems would probably work relatively similarly in countries that aren't chock to the brim with degenerate fatasses.

Curiously, nutritional counseling is not covered under the ACA. Fancy that.