Canada wants clearer warnings on junk food. The US is using NAFTA to stop them

Pretty much every country in the world now has an obesity crisis. But no one’s really figured out what to do about it.

One of the most avant-garde obesity policy experiments is happening in Chile, where health officials are trying to revolutionize nutrition labeling. Instead of cramming percentages and numbers onto the back of food packages, the Chilean government now requires symbol-based warning labels on the front of food products that contain high levels of salt, sugar, calories, and saturated fat.

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There's a really interesting study on the efficacy of warning labels on cigarettes that specifically remind you that you can eventually die causally from using them. In people who were established smokers, it had no deterrent, but those who didn't smoke were less likely to start.

Former smoker here…it did made rethink my habit but addiction was stronger. Fortunately, the constant reminder made me finally quit.

Current smoker. My eyes glaze over those like they do with advertisement. But I know Fords are built toug…I mean cigarettes are bad.

american here. canada is doing the right thing.

Canadian here… Canada will fuck this up. So will Chile.

The information IS THERE already. People do not understand it. They aren't willing to understand it. The fat slobs that readily engage in eating the quantities of low quality shit required to be morbidly obese while not engaging in any mitigating physical activity will not be slowed or deterred by labeling and gentle warnings.

If you want the obesity epidemic to slow down or stop make it mandatory to insult people based on weight. Hurt them for being fucking fat. It works. It consistently actually works. Studies have shown that, amazingly, human beings which are social animals will alter their behavior based on social pressure, surprising abso-fucking-lutely no one.

Unless the warning labels are "I'm glad you're killing yourself you fat fuck, then I don't have to pay for your health care" or something to that effect they have no value. Information labels are already there, more won't help.

your post is sad, but true.

So when do we just cut out the bullshit and open adult day cares?

people have been shilling so hard for moar gobermints so soon i guess.

The absolute state of the 51% canuck

Businesses are already required to check ID age when selling alcohol/cigarettes, why not junk food?

Everybody knows these three things are "bad", but a minor really doesn't have a sense of the long term consequences.

idk about other places but here sometimes all kids can get is junk food. the parents get strung out and give little jamal or johnny their food stamp card so they can walk down and get a tombstone pizza and a soda at the dollar store.

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Food warning labels are fat shaming me…

at least things aren't as bad in canada as in the us. they've been so brainwashed by the fast food/junkfood/sugar industry they're literally screeching and protesting FOR those industries as soon as any city or state even tries to do anything like tax sugar or warn people.

Food labeling is about letting people know the truth, there's only one class of people who would want people in the dark.

what a shock

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Then I guess Pajeet better start selling beets or some shit to keep that money coming.

That's how it is a lot of the time. Let's look at my local dollar store for example:
It's all crap loaded with preservatives, added sugar or otherwise(Eggs are probably bleached). But for poorfags, it can let you work that minimum wage job and survive while you do college or training on the side for a better job in the future.

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Training for certificates typically results in a better job or higher pay at your current job, also


I guarantee if they put labels like "Hey fat fuck eat another candy bar!" or " When was the last time you saw your dick you fat piece of shit?" or "Kill yourself fatty. You would do the world a favor." it would keep people from eating so much and make them do exercise. This was normal twenty or thirty years ago and people were much thinner. Fat acceptance is what changed.


I think Aussie would like to kidnap you to Australia and work as the shitposter.

Just ban the junk food and welfare.