Brexit campaign was ‘totally illegal’, claims whistleblower

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E.U. tears continue

Why would they be crying? The EU is getting every concession from May and her lackeys.

Even if the UK caves on every possible economic front, that's only part of the picture. The UK leaving puts a serious dent in the plans for an EU army, because it would have been funded by Germany and the UK, while being composed primary of French and UK soldiers. Even as an economic partner, the UK won't be contributing to such a thing, which fucks the globalist EU plans hard.

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May and her lackeys would like to be part of the EU army still

Wait, so you pay for, supply and man a multinational army run by a government you have absolutely zero say in and you are not technically part of?

That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my entire life.

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Look at the race and it should tell you who doesn't want Brexit.

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need that g*rman sponsorship

I agree

Was it Russia that gave them the money too?

Russia nahtzees and mysogynists with the kkk following behind them :^]

Britian became retarded after the only smart people left for america.

Oh look its a 12 year old syrian refugee claiming that brexit was totally illegal.

They're really stepping up the narrative on this. (((Somebody))) doesn't want brexit to happen and is sowing the seeds for abandoning it while maintaining the all important facade of democracy which keeps the goyim placated.

UK is a major player in the EU. One of the top spenders and powerhouses. Us leaving would mess up a lot of their plans. Which is why we're still in for the next few years even after we "leave". They're going to start a big mess so we won't leave or do some more like this to clog up the process and review it.

This. It'll be delayed as long as possible, if not outright cancelled. UK is too important for the (((EU))) to lose.

They won't be so brazen as to just cancel it. They will conveniently find something like the OP or some law being broken or keep pushing anti-Brexit bias that people will call for a second referendum.

the facade of democracy which keeps the goyim placated.

Even if the UK somehow comes back in, it'll be fucked somewhere else because the whole plan counts on countries actually having the same goals. Globalism is a joke, it requires that everyone thinks the same and any goals it has are tyrant level stupid. Tyrants always get ousted or killed because they're a minority in the face of a majority.

Even if they somehow create technology that allows them to keep track of everyone, it'll be leaked and their weapons will be used against them, even if they implant chips into everyone's brains to prevent naughty thoughts, there will always be a hacker who frees men and so on.

All things are temporary. life, government, food, resources, control, everything. There is no perfect system. We are imperfect. Even if we shed our skins and adopt bodies of machines or light or energy or sculpted flesh, we will always make mistakes. Even if we give ourselves unerring eyes, even those will perceive imperfectly. The human condition is what binds us and saves us from people like this.

Because all that bullshit worked so well in the USSR, Maoist China, North Korea etc etc

The USSR's dead. Maoist China's gone, and North Korea is a shithole with tech from the 70's.

I guess it worked pretty badly.

this is desperate, they are making shit up now

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Don't forget about the gamergate shitlords that orchestrated all of it.

This is your mind on progressivism.

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