Far-Left French politician arrested for tweets celebrating heroic officer's death in siege


A French far-Left politician has been arrested for apparently celebrating the death of a gendarme hailed as a hero for offering himself in place of a hostage taken by an Islamist gunman.

Stéphane Poussier was detained after tweets posted from his account said: “Every time a gendarme gets whacked… I think of my friend Rémi Fraisse,” an environmental protester who died after police threw a concussion grenade during demonstrations in 2014.

“And this time it was a colonel, great! It also means one less vote for (President Emmanuel) Macron,” said the tweet, which was quickly deleted and the Twitter account closed after it sparked an outcry.

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Ugh if it wakes these retards up that tnis shit goes both ways then fine. Whatever.


The memes write themselves. This fucker should be killed.

I really want these anti-police morons to get their wish. If the police refused to interact in any way with these idiots they wouldn't even make it 24 hours before they end up gutted in a corner somewhere while their homes gets looted. I mean, what are they going to do, call the police?

I believe you have it all wrong, friend. If the police were taken out of the equation, then DOTR would be at hand.

Me? I don't need the police and their laws to protect me? They do not protect me. They protect themselves and their masters by disarming the population. I would gladly do without them. I would take my freedom, I would take my assault rifle and I would take my chances.

I remember newshill minion, that islamism is far right ideology, is just not about your supremacy, but theirs. You're welcome.

islam is anti-racist and anti-nationalist

everything they do is wrong

Wat. It's a lot more likely for gendarmes to vote for Le Pen.

Dude's a Rothschild banker.

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You might want to practice your English skills a bit.

they all are..

Jews are lefties communists

and (((bankers))) made the "Russian" revolution possible

He must have been white. A kike could get away with much worse.

It's like North Korea.

You're probably being ironic, but still.

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what exactly did you not understand?

Every m*slim deserves a slow painful death.

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It won’t work leftypol

And that is why israel is a rightwing shithole and the Republican party has a hard on for them. What ever helps you sleep at night bud.

Kikes are left-wing while in other countries because they want to erase the culture. They are right-wing while in Israel because they want to preserve their own culture. It's ultimately about the formation of greater Israel and turning everyone else into slave cattle.

Islam is literally both of those though.
The religion is entirely about subjugation of all people and the destruction of all nations save for a monolithic caliphate.
I can't tell if you're legitimately retarded and actually misinterpreted that post as being pro-islam, or if you're just being a deliberately obtuse faggot.
I'd like to believe it's the latter, but Zig Forums has been populated by genuine retards for almost three years now.

reminder that the kike that was "killed" and spontaneously has protest marches is to distract from this French cop

It's almost certainly the former. Leftist bitch-boys think that 'far right' is just a euphemism for 'scary and mean'. They don't actually have any idea what defines political positions at all.

The vast majority of normalfags view "anti-racist" and "anti-nationalist" as virtues. They should not be allowed to see Islam as anything other than utter shit.

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So you are a genuine retard, good to know.


You're both in utter agreement with each other. This just seems like samefagging so you can hammer the same point in twice the posts.

good low tier fedora post fag.

Kill every m*slim.

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Soon to become poussière, amirite.

The GOP was hijacked by Trotskyites i the 50's and were basically proto bolsheviks even before that. Abraham Lincoln got a letter from Karl Marx endorsing his war on the Confederacy and thanking him for freeing the slaves. They even attempted land redistribution from whites to niggers after the war but Grant ended it after white paramilitaries started killing off niggers and occupying yankee troops.

Is this a joke or are you actually child-tier intelligence? Nobody's defending Islam. How is denying that Islam is far-right defending it? You probably fancy yourself to be far right, like most others on this site, including myself, so how is it defending Islam to say that it's unrelated my own philosophy?

Denying that Isl*m is far right and calling it "anti-racist" makes it more appealing to the idiotic masses.

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The left in France are the lowest form of life

The cop deserved it for submitting to a m*slim. They should have gone in guns blazing, and if a few civilians get caught in the crossfire, it's their fault for complying with the terrorist. They are basically accomplices.

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