David Bowie statue vandalised within 24 hours of unveiling


A statue of singer David Bowie was vandalised only 24 hours after it went on show.

Hundreds of people were at the unveiling of the bronze sculpture in Market Square in Aylesbury, Bucks on Sunday.

However, overnight vandals had sprayed it with graffiti.

On the pavement in front of the statue, someone has sprayed the words "Feed the homeless first".

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David Bowie was a serial pedophile. How convenient for the British government to pick and choose who to vilify Jimmy Savile and who to lionize.

do you have any proof of this other than he ate a pizza restaurant once so he must be a pedo because you haven't taken your schizophrenia meds?

fucking brit cucks anyway

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makes sense, unless it was a self-righteous cuck who did it. That same cuck wouldn't lift a finger to actually do anything about starvation, I guarantee it. Piece of shit.
Fuck off to hell if you like it there so much.

imagine being this left

other way around cuck, leftists love to condemn people with baseless accusations because of MUH FEEELS

do your own research, faggot. it's not that hard

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That's not how it works faggot, fuck off.

you made the claim that he's not
prove it or fuck off


You're fuckin retarded. You keep posting and wasting time instead of just pasting a single source. Probably because you're full of shit.

you wasted more time making a counterclaim you can't prove instead of doing 5 seconds of research which would prove mine

Their priorities are backwards. They should do about the changing majority there.

As usual, leftist faggots vandalise and ruin anything decent in the world.
The homeless should have been encased in molten bronze.

Ironic considering the Bowie was literally a leftist faggot

What do they find offensive?


he indeed was a homosexual pedophile

the 'statue' is a worthless pile of shit

Bowie was overrated beyond belief

fuck the homeless. they should be beaten to death on that statue

not to imply that bowie wasnt a scumfuck but the homeless are scumfucks and should be removed from society

In all fairness, I should disclose the fact that I met David Bowie in Atlanta, Ga. and painted an Elvis Presley portrait for him during his Spiders From Mars Tour.

He was a polite, boring, effeminate faggot.

Pick one

I'm sorry you were so gullible that you fell for the anonyfaggotry bullshit

no wonder you're continually overlooked

Making statues of rock and roll stars and banning graffiti on it is like the antithesis of rock and roll. I hope this faggy statue gets blown to bits.

faggot nonce.

He surely will be in the fire.

Now I'm curious as to what offends them

you talking to them cyka

gay for a gay

I just don't get all the adoration for this guy…but I almost never understand the popularity of most things.

He's a boomer icon. Back then, rock stars were entitled to fuck kids. No one cared.

Pretty much every shithead promoted by the (((media))) is done for the purpose of social engineering. Most of these people are not nearly as popular as they seem. This used to be so much easier back in the 70's when there were only a handful of controlled media outlets.

Pedo panic wasn't really a thing till the 90's right? What caused it?

The joy of seeing even studies prove leftie is unhappy with low self esteem and will need to chronically masturbate to feel better after hearing this.

Where? Quote the post where this claim is made.

david bowie is a gargantuan degenerate effeminate faggot and im glad he is dead

prove i didn't

Prove you didn't what?

Anatolia, but not Turkey.
Into the trash it goes.

so you admit you lost. good.

No, I'm trying to figure out whether you're one guy asking me to prove he didn't already quote the post where the counterclaim was made, or the other guy asking me to prove he never made the counterclaim.

that's not proof

prove it isnt

you just conceded that you have no proof. well done

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Is this apart of Sweeden
Spurdo is fucking shit
French Fries came from France
Crimea is rightful Russian clay

No iceland is not a part of sweden, its an island nation that occasionaly spews ash over europe..

That wouldn't offend an Icelander though
Maybe calling them New Zealand might

Fuck Mongolia is a better insult for Finland

Depending on how much it cost and how well arranged it is, it will probably eventually pay for itself as an auxiliary tourist attraction within the realms of Buckinghamshire. If we never did anything unless we "fed the poor first", then we wouldn't have enough money to import the volume of food necessary to feed such an industrialised metropolis.

Take it as a sign that Rome may fall.

If you think any famous musician hasn't banged multitudes of underage girls, you're lying to yourself.

The poor can feed themselves. We're actively practicing dysgenics by taking from the best of us to provide to the worst. We've been feeding Africa for a long time and all it's accomplished is more starving Africans. They get fed, have kids, and now there's a bunch more starving people and still nobody producing enough food for them. In fact it makes the situation worse.

Fuck the homeless.

Looks like the massive faggot isn't so popular after all. Bowie was 'iconic' because he was one of the first gender benders which the jews love to promote so much.
He sucked.

people cleaning up from drugs and realizing how fucking dumb it is? now the hot thing to do is die from depressants



No, it's a request for clarification as to what exactly it is you want proven.


It's even hotter to go on a shooting rampage on antidepressants. If you're gonna go out - go out in style!

straw man argument

fucking libtard antifa communist idiots

Non sequitur.

Instead of wasting time and money on that spray paint they could have fed a few homeless people

Whoever wins, we lose.