'You made me a total dumbass': Student pens brutal letter to fifth grade teacher


An unamed student's letter to an unpopular fifth-grade teacher has gone viral due to its brutal assessment of their education methods.

Now, we've all had teachers we weren't quite so fond of when we were younger, but this pupil has really taken issue with the woman, identified only as Ms Leonie.

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Women should be outlawed from being teachers, it's one of the biggest things destroying the west and why western males are so fucked
Women can not be in any positions of power or influence or they wreck everything

men can't be teachers they will diddle all the little qts
women are TRADITIONAL teachers it's just THEY need to be TRADITIONAL too

educational institutions were invented by men, so no, women teachers are relatively new

Some wannabe reporter you are, Keshet. Can't even summarize the content of the letter.

Fuck off, plebs!
Just another young dumbfuck blaming others for his dumbfuckedness.
What the fuck happened to you, young fucks?
Grow up, grow a pair, take responsibility for your own education!

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Chances are the teacher did do something that was a bit of a dick move.
When I was in school a teacher called me up in front of the class after a test to accuse me of cheating. Get this I wasn't. Still bitch did embarrass me pretty bad when I was 10 or so.

Did it ruin my life? No, but it certainly made me aware teachers can be dicks.

This kids a fag, who needs summer school, to learn how to spell tbh

my teacher did a similar thing but was cool. called me and another kid up after everyone left and showed us that we wrote the exact same answers on the test, even the ones where you have to write a paragraph despite us not really talking to each other ever and sitting on opposite ends of the class during the test

Womyn don't know how to teach, only how to indoctrinate.
The fact that academia is rife with (((liberal values))) from kindergarten to university level is no (((cohencidence))).
The push for womyn to enter the fields of education and (((psychology))) happened in the 1960s by (((Gloria Steinem))) and her rat pack of feminist dyke commie fiends.

I bet you believe Lauren "Coal-burner" Southern is the model "white" woman as well.

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can I get a archive?

sure, go ahead and make one

I'd have to take down my adblock


God we need war back now more than ever

Apparently he was going to go to violence but he realized he can just call the teacher a cunt via a letter and be the better man.

like it or not teachers are a huge influence at a younger age, for better and for worse

women should be outlawed from even being able to read

Female teachers bang their students constantly, they just never go to jail for it. You know something is wrong with women on a biological level when they feel some kind of romantic/sexual attachment to a fifteen year old. And I'm not talking about those kids who develop quicker and have full beards at 17/18 and look like actual grown men, I'm talking about mid-teens that still look like actual children.

Thing is I wasn't cheating. My mom just happened to tutor me at home due to having issues in school before she stepped in.

pedophilia and incest fetish is way more common among females, but they are devious and better at hiding it.
also, society is biased towards perceiving females are the caregivers of children, whereas a man who wants to take care of children is viewed with suspicion

So some fuckwit who doesn't have the balls to say anything to the teacher's face.
Why pay attention to an anonymous diatribe


You're either born with superior artistic abilities or you're not. If you have no aptitude no amount of "practice" can fix that.
I knew a chink that drew badass looking dragons in fourth grade. FOURTH FUCKING GRADE. No formal training, didn't spend much time drawing.

you're fucking retarded if you take this at face value, this was the most popular excuse for bad students in my class both in middle school and high school.

Complete bullshit. Unless you're literally retarded or have some other physical disability, anyone can become at least moderately competent at something if they practice enough. Obviously, aptitude for stuff exists, but it has much less of an impact that you're saying.

That's bullshit, while to some it might come naturally, there's no barrier to drawing but your unwillingness to practice. You have to turn your brain off and just draw, never consider an angle and put pencil to paper, the biggest problem with people who can't draw is being paralyzed by every single thing they do. Shut up, stop thinking and feel it out with no thought. That's how you start.

And to learn where periods go and how to not use unnecessary commas.

Hee Hee !!…

nice work

I smell a ((( )))


fact: I've never taken an art lesson in my life, illustrated my first magazine cover at age 12 (earned $3,600 in just over an hour of illustrating), began my own graphics company in Atlanta when I was 15, and got hired as ZZ TOP's Art Director at Warner Bros Records after painting a portrait of Elvis for Billy Gibbons.

anybody can draw, or do whatever the fuck they want to, if they simply stop telling themselves that they CAN'T do it…

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I also have a unique perspective on the whining, complaining, finger pointing mental midget who scribed the letter to his teacher…

F A G G O T ! !

nice handwriting, dipshit.
When I was in the 8th grade, my middle school principal approached me one day, (knowing I was already selling murals, logos, graphics and illustrations and making more money than him) and suggested that I drop out of school, because it didn't seem to offer anything that would help me in my future career.

So, even though in the state of Georgia I was officially to young to drop out, he pulled some strings for me, and I never even went to high school at all.

I instantly began sourcing research materials for the subjects that interested ME, not the crap they teach you in high school. I began my lifelong (ongoing) extensive studies in internal medicine, psychology, pharmacology and a few different areas of law.

In summary, I never really began truly learning ANYTHING until I took it upon myself to be responsible for my own education. My score on The Wechsler Scale was in the 'Very Superior' range, but that doesn't mean jack shit, to be honest. I'm fascinated by knowledge, and passionate about absorbing every tiny little piece of information I can possibly get my hands on. I'm always going to be continuing to learn as much as I can, and I can't imagine what it would be like to be one of the stupid fucking pieces of shit like the dumbass fuckboy who wrote the letter to his teacher, actually thinking their knowledge base is someone else's responsibility, or that their lack thereof is somebody else's fault… Fuck him.

Other than procreating, learning is the only reason to be alive… then it's your duty to pass along your knowledge on to your children.

(that's actually why I'm here, because a lot of you guys are absolutely brilliant, and I am continually learning fascinating shit from you in here)

so thank you for this opportunity to be here

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TOO* young to drop out

not 'to young'


forgive me

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women have trashy emotions especially those "career women" on birth pill

it seems like you could've at least uploaded a clear image of the entire god damn letter

If I didn't know any better, I'd think you might have been one of Ms. Leonie's students

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Yet you have no problem mooching off your poor mother every time you want another fucking faggot ass sissy boy video game.

You ride on her to wipe your pompous, lazy, sexless ass…

fuck you

you turned out to be such a whining, worthless little weasel fuckface, that YOUR mother should've definitely been 'outlawed' from reproducing…

you piece of shit

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Well here's your (you).
People have personalities and that complainfag isn't just as grounded as (you) are and you were approached in a positive way /if I'm not mistaken/.
Some HS teachers are terrible tbh depending on their level of despair, there's always one or few who have that massive ego that can only be satisfied with someone's destruction (I've seen MANY of them before and they were fired because of intentionally doing it). I'd say these types of people who pick on people not their age will never succeed and if they do they will pay the same karmic debt.
At the very least, it may count as abuse depending on what truly happened. I'd commend that asshole though for not letting this go without a fight.

Yet you reddit space too much and assume many things from thin air. You must be retarded and disturbed and no one loves you.

honestly, I didn't even include it in my synopsis, but one of the main reasons my principal offered to pull strings for me was because the education system had started to slip noticeably and a lot of the teachers were simply stupid as shit. He was aware that I was in a system (public education in the late 70s after busing and integration) where the quality of the teachers had become abysmal, and I couldn't possibly progress with them.

Really ?…. oddly enough, I've NEVER been to Reddit… not even once… never.

you seem to be suggesting that people who 'came here from Reddit' are somehow substandard lowlife's, and you also seemed to think the fact that I use paragraphs indicated that I structure my syntax in a configuration resembling something from Reddit…

correct ?…..

but if you can make a comparison between my stylization of sentence structure and that of Reddit Users, apparently that means that YOU INDEED HAVE BEEN TO REDDIT…

isn't that ironic ?…..

(unzips pants and slowly drags my testicles back and forth across your slackjawed face)

RE: without a fight

judging by his illiteracy and horrid penmanship, I'd say his claim that he was 'really smart when he came into 5th grade' may have been slightly exaggerated, and it's a shame he didn't put up more of a fight in the years leading up to 5th grade.

Put simply, the kid is a fucking moron

I don't think summer school is 'cruel and unusual punishment' for a 5th or 6th grader who can't spell the word 'educated' correctly two times in the same sentence, can't differentiate between YOUR and YOU'RE, or even realize that nobody is responsible for HIS own participation in his education but HIM…

if I were the teacher, I would've used him for vivisection in biology class

Hello fellow genZ kids

You do realize that your arguments carry more weight if you're not a compulsively self-promoting namefag, right?

congratulations on the 'been completely wrong once again' thing. my points (I'm not arguing with anybody) are exquisite in their nature, and executed with an articulate precision which almost masks their 'off the top of my head's freestyle origin, and are Rock Solid in their efficacy due to my vast experience on this ball of shit planet over the past 54 years. I paid very careful attention along every step of the way, and unlike some people, I never hesitated to 'dive in head-first' regarding life, experiencing an exponential canvas compared to those who would choose to vicariously experience life, sitting in their self perceived Ivory Tower (a stinky old computer chair) and point fingers those who actually fought the Battle on the front lines…


I don't blame a novice like you for being resentful

didn't read lol

Diddling is better than women teaching for developing minds.

theres nothing wrong with suckin dick for money. im the player since im playing the john.

Why wouldn't you want to fuck young teens? Something is wrong with you.

Those who claim women are not the traditional teachers are fucking retarded. Men are supposed to be out earning shekels. That leaves women at home teaching kids how to be decent human beings and giving them life skills. This is teaching and it was always women's work until a certain age. Schools are just literally socialist collective versions of homes with budgets and loftier goals.

teenagers are fucking crazy man

every time, that one's just too funny
the kikes are like those kids in elementary school who get mad when you "steal their seat" after they get up

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The way teachers and the school system treat kids definitely will influence them later on in life. The teachers that gave me the most grief were always obese women. As a result I hate fat fucking whales that are higher on the company ladder than I am. All those lardass bitches who dangle their diversity quota enabled superiority over me should die in a grease fire.

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Hand writing style = Female
"Keep your skinny ass lips shut" = African
Typos + "I'm way smarter than you think" = Dumb
"You made me a total dumbass" = Leftist
Friends with Kalija = Diversity


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"Reddit spacing" i don't really buy, but "Reddit posting" is when you inject your identity and persona into conversations that could be conducted under anonymity - it's a reflexive behavior of normies to build and manicure a public image to use as a credential in conversation and a bludgeon in disagreements. It's like a shiny little shell they make over and over again to protect themselves. The problem with this behavior is that it's irrelevant to truth-seeking and shitposting so it only wastes time here.

I also have a unique perspective on the slobbering, perky,finger banging petite who scribed the letter to his master…
yaaas queeen slayyyyyy
nice hand technique
When I was in the 8th grade, my middle school principal approached me one day, (knowing I was already sucking dick and making more money than him) and suggested that I drop out of school, because it didn't seem to offer anything that would help me in my future career.
So, even though in the state of Georgia It was officially illegal to be a faggot , he pulled some strings for me, and my asshole was never tight ever since.
I instantly began sucking dicks of men that interested in ME, not the manlets in high school. I began my lifelong (ongoing) cock studies, looking the most prime penis to receive in my boipussi.
In summary, I never really began truly learning ANYTHING until I took that cock in myself to be responsible for my own empowerment. My Follower count on instagram is very high, but that doesn't mean jack shit, tbh. I'm fascinated by big penises, and passionate about absorbing every diverse penis I can possibly get my hands on. I'm always going to be continuing to take in as much as I can, and I can't imagine what it would be like to be one of the stupid fucking pieces of shit like the dumbass fuckboy who cant get laid, actually thinking their sex appeal is someone else's responsibility, or that their lack thereof is somebody else's fault… Fuck him.
Other than procreating, enjoyment is the only reason to have sex… then it's your duty to pass along your knowledge on to your children.
(that's actually why I'm here, because a lot of you guys are absolutely lewd, and I am continually learning fascinating shit from you in here)
so thank you for this opportunity to be here.

basic and middle education was primarily done by nuns historically. the institutions you are thinking of are higher learning i.e trade school, university, etc.

women teaching young kids is fine. as soon as theyre in 5th grade i'd say the teacher's should be men though.

Is there really an autistic boomer sperging out in this thread?

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pretty much

you should try killing yourself, just to know what it's like and update us on how bleach tastes before you die

Would be funnier if it was misspelled. "You made me a total dumas."

There is something all too niggerish about the writing, indeed. What white goes and blames the teacher for making them a dumbass?

I think, that you are all the smarter for it. Namefags, as always, are cancer.

Nothing wrong with autistic boomers. (I am also one.)
Namefags, on the other hand…
[spoiler]do you even know where you are, John (a name for a toilet) Neptune (don't even get me started, faggot!)?

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I may have had a senior moment on the spoiler situation, but my point still stands:
Namefags are cancer.

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Christian Bale is without a doubt, one of THE two worst actors ever… He and Keanu Reeves are fucking TERRIBLE actors, and a sure way to determine if someone is a douchebag is to ask them if they like either one of those pieces of shit.

100% TRUE


I'm really smart

What a dipshit

My 4th grade teacher sent me to summer school because my math was bad. You know what we did in summer school? Dissected goat eyes and learned medical stuff. Nothing to do with math at all. And here I am old as fuck having to use a calculator because Im retarded

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For You


I don't even see the big problem with her methods? When I was in Year 5 I could at least point point out what specifically was wrong with something I disliked, but this little shit has problems with even that. Don't get me wrong, the teacher sounds like a bitch, but the kid is clearly some little dumbfuck with a massive superiority complex.

Letter is full of basic sentance structure mistakes. Not even using capital letters after the full stops. Teacher was justified sending the little idiot to summer school.

You do know that of they use any other method but the one they're taught to solve math that they're punished, right? You do know english teachers punish kids for even reading ahead in books, correct? Kids doing their own thing gets them punished. This education system is a joke and is part of the reason we have tide pod eating fucktards in the first place. Nice troll bait though.

You can tell she black by the way she wrote that stupid letter

He's a fucking 10 year old, what do you expect?


Can confirm. Had feminist mathematics teacher for most of secondary education. Hated me because I was a tall WHITE MALE with blonde hair and blue eyes. Constant insults and berating, deliberately fucked up my math education, which fucks you up for any STEM subject (which is why they target mathematics.)
Left school and went to college, proper mathematics teacher, old man in his late 60s/early 70s.
Yes, women should only teach other women.

He writes like a complete nigger, and by the context and wording of the letter, is probably one. The name of that other kid in summer school gives it away.

Nice nonargument and invalid assumption.

They ARE the grease fire, you just gotta light them up.

Or are you still a kiddo who hasn't been around long enough to encounter them? They're everywhere.


What is it about Britain and its people, seriously why are the so unhappy?

I'm proud of this kid.

I'd expect the kid to know how sentences are supposed to work.

You bitches get too many job opportunities in this area.

I am also 7'5 and I can bench press 3000 pounds. My net worth is 3.3 million dollars and I have an 11/10 white GF. That doesn't mean I'm better than you or anything.

For a start, only the upper-class traditionally attended school. Boys from all the other classes were working in jobs for children, helping their fathers, apprenticed, learning to be soldiers, performing chores for the church etc. Girls were learning how to be mothers and wives.
Take it to the 20th century - schools were segregated, boys were taught by men, girls by women. Leftist governments have effectively stamped sex segregation out by denying funding to school refusing to go mixed.
Mixed schooling is a disaster, moreso since girls have been permitted to dress like whores in class.
It also affects female pupils, who get caught up in the drama of trying to impress the alpha kid.
Regardless of what excuse you make, the solution is segregation and leftists crushed it specifically to cause degeneration.