California And New York Claim US Census Will Disadvantage Immigrant Communities

In California, state Attorney General Ms Xavier Becerra stated that: "We're prepared to do what we must to protect California from a deficient census."

"Including a citizenship question on the 2020 census is not just a bad idea - it is illegal."

After this message was spread, the state of New York also announced the likelihood of them joining into the legal action (and Massachusetts intends to do likewise).

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That's the idea, you odorous negroes.

The jew cries out in fear "You can't ask how many shitskins we've imported to replace you! That's racist!"

The left loves claiming that sort of thing. Do we have any information on which law they're stretching like a virgin butthole to say this? Or has it just become a reflex action for them?

They're afraid of illegals not answering the polls, which would make it seem like they have less people than they do, which means they get less legislative influence and less funding from the feds.

every fucking time

huh, a country counting CITIZENS? What a novel idea!

How about we count illegal aliens, but they'll only count at the 3/5ths rate. Then the democrats can be overrepresented in the senate on the basis of their literal slaves. Again.

House of Representatives, I should have said.

you make my feel safe

it's illegal to ask someone who is not a legal citizen or resident a question? can they use our laws against us but still ignore them themselves?

Legal immigrants new to the country probably know more about it than the average person born here. There's no downside to this, and it should have been done a long time ago.

So in effect, liberals would lose a devastating amount of electoral college votes. 10 years ago California was already 40% hispanic. There's clearly a massive portion of that who are illegals.
Cali having 55 electoral votes or almost twice as many as any other state, would take a huge cut.
In complete fairness Texas might drop some too but if Austin is any indicator white californians are all fleeing there since the last census.

reread the post ffs.

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If they're not illegal immigrants it won't be a problem.

Not buying it. The bigger the population (status dont matter) the more representatives they can acquire in congress. The representatives the more electoral college votes.

Whats the angle here?…

Illegals dont answer, state looks like it has less people. They do answer and say they're illegal, the state looks like it has an illegal problem. Win-win

So they're basically admitting outright that the number of illegal immigrants in these communities is high enough to severely impact the state's gibs if they were accurately tallied.

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Bad idea for who? The people who profit from illegals in this country?

So is being an illegal. Goddamn fucking virtue signalling retarder liberals again.

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That's why they're so upset about it.

Nations are racist!

If someone's an illegal immigrant they don't qualify for welfare, or any of the social services that makes life livable in the US. A social security number ID allows companies to keep track of your record and achievements, which allows for higher paying jobs due to verifiable work experience and education tracking. Illegal immigrants, if they aren't criminals, will likely have to turn to criminality to make money in most cases. Why shouldn't they get their citizenship if they're already here?

Why must illigal immigrants be prevented from being assigned citizenship status? Why not use the question to catch them so they can go through the necessary integration education and become contributing members of their community?

I'm starting to think they don't actually care about these people at all, and are using their status as a way to control them through social blackmail and illicit means of control.

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The ONLY reason they WANT the illegals/criminals here in the 1st place, they're obviously making money off of them! 2nd, THEY NOW HAVE THEIR VERY OWN SLAVES, AGAIN!

So are we not allowed to know the illegals who are underpaid and abused by big business