Six Siblings Were Reported To Police Before They Drove Off A Cliff

Six children from the same family were killed when their vehicle plummeted off a cliff into the ocean, according to Sheriff Tom Allmon of Mendocino County. Allmon confirmed three of the children's bodies have been recovered but the remaining passengers have not yet been found.

To add to the mystery surrounding the tragic incident, investigators say there are no brake or skid marks on the road leading up to the cliff but officials have not confirmed the crash was intentional. A married couple consisting of two women, Jennifer Jean Hart and Sarah Margaret Hart, adopted the children and are believed to have also died in the crash.

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So this is one of two things: Dykes murdering their entire family because that's just what they do or the average women's inability to drive for shit.

Two dykes take in kids to get government welfare money. Like most gays, they are mentally ill. They abuse the kids and use them as props in political events. Then they go nuts and murder them.
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And nothing of value was lost

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The only surprising thing is that they didn't get killed sooner.

Good news

And absolutely nothing of value was lost.

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Isnt it obvious that tje lesbians killed the family they adopted because they couldnt handle what they put together. The lesbos are probably in mexico

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I recall reading that lesbian couples are the kind of relationship that's most likely to turn abusive… whereas gay men are the least likely. Logical conclusion: women are naturally crazy and need men to hold their reins.

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If they are convicted and sentenced to death, it really is a no-losers situation.
Were it repeated 100,000 times, it would make a much cleaner society.

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Pretty clever, actually…

First, they can collect all the state money for pretending to take care of the children, then they can collect on all 8 life insurance policies…………….


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On second thought, what would you expect from a couple of stupid lesbians?

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I'm confused… is there a downside to this? Six niggers and two nigger loving dykes died.

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