Toronto Chef Taunts Protesting Vegans By Butchering a Deer In Front of Them

Some vegan activists were relentlessly protesting outside a restaurant in Toronto complete with a banner and cameras condemning the eating and butchering of meat over the weekend. It appeared to the chef that the protesters would not leave him in peace to do his thing so he decided to retaliate. He put on a show by going to the restaurant’s glass window, hauling a leg of deer and carving it up for all the activists to see.

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Vegcucks BTFO.

That's just unnecessarily cruel. THere's no need to make a display of your big tough manly meat eating.

Assuming this isn't bait, you ought to try living in Afghanistan for a month, or watch some gore videos, you pathetic pansy.

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So fucking what? There's no need to shove your eating habits in someone's face.

Wtf are people supposed to do in restarsunts? Eat inside a cubicle?

Uh, maybe not butcher an animal in front of them?

This is what is wrong with Millenials.
Most still want to eat meat, but are too far removed from their food sources to know where meat actually comes from. Protip: It is NOT the supermarket.

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I'm not stupid, dumbass. I know where meat comes from. But there is absolutely no need to butcher a dead animal in the dining area in front of a window where anyone could see it.

There's no need to shove your opinions at our eateries


What this man did was rude and unacceptable behavior for a civilized country.

Not really, he's probably going to have to prep that venison later anyways
Might as well annoy the vegans outside your kitchen
I'd say the only concern is bacterial safety
You might be surprised to see what chefs do btw

Hypocrite, the vegans are doing just that there, he's just telling them to fuck off

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They're only doing what they think is right.

He's infecting the dining area to make some bullshit point. That's bullshit. And the only reason he's doing it is to piss off people trying to reduce suffering in the world.

Like it fucking matters.

Do you even leave your mother's basement, kid?

How is it cruel to chop a dead piece of meat? Its not like he tortured the thing. We are omnivorous and need a variety of food sources to maintain a healthy body. Killing something to eat it is not cruel, its part of life.

What about benny hanna?

Vegans do not since most support increasing African Population via aid which kills more animals

What does any of that have to do with slaughtering a defenseless creature in front of the public in a FUCKING DINING AREA??

It's cruel to make a fucking SHOW out of it.

Racism has nothing to do with this shit.

He can disinfect the dining area, a bit more effort than a kitchen bench but either way if they're allowed to have their say why can't he

He has his say every fucking day he eats meat and takes pleasure in slaughtering them.

Everything ties back to it though
Decrease industry for muh "environmentalism" and you see non whites like China and Russia increase pollution to higher levels than before to fill in the market gap
And don't forget the negros increasing in population

>slaughtering a defenseless animal in front of the public in a fucking dining area
Ok thanks for confirming that this is in fact bait.

Whatever helps you sleep at night. Keep on burying your head in the sand when you see facts you don't like.

Quit trying to change the subject.

If that's the case Vegans do by eating their soy estro bars
They're outside his resteraunt harming business, saying shit he disagrees with, so why not have fun and make them fuck iff

If vegans are so stupid then protesting his restaurant would HELP his business, wouldn't it?

You're the one too focused on small shit
Do you think America has high crimerate thanks to guns or because its a 56% hellhole, not everything is simplistic everything ties together

Well not really as its a general protest but with the leg of deer you'll see a Chic a Fila effect

Then what the fuck is your issue with them protesting for what they think is right??

Quit your FUCKING bullshit. This is about a man with a complete lack of decency threatening people's health in his restaruant and forcing innocent bystanders to watch him take pleasure in gore.

No issue I just find the chef to be in the right

You sure are angry

You're both full of shit.

People are allowed to have differing opinions and do things you may not like. Get over it. The world is not your safe space

People walking down a public sidewalk have a reasonable expectation of not having their children exposed to blood and gore because some self righteous bastard wanted to make a point.

All me

Do you not cook or something
Never broke down even a chicken?

If they are blocking his resteraunt people can't get in

Causing immense suffering is worth it for you to have a tasty burger, huh? Selfish fucks.

No it isn't, its cruel to attack a mans livelihood because of what he eats

You are so full of shit. Also, eating animals is a part of life, if you shelter your kids from it theyll have a shock when older and may turn out like you. How fucking dare you demonize an essential part of humanity you fucking freak.

But I'm the emotional one. Right.

Nobody said anyone was being emotional, you did so that's irrelevant.

Way to just say some random shit that adds nothing to anything


Go eat a dick faggot.

I havent caused anything immense suffering, sorry I cant feel guilty for the actions of others. I still will eat meat. Nice try with the guilt trip though.

Faggots don't know how to eat like a real man.

There is literally nothing wrong with this

They would have stormed in and attacked him but they didn't have the energy or muscle mass to open the door.

I'm not that other guy, but you people are losers.

What other guy? Also how am I a loser for not feeling guilt over other people's actions? Sounds like you use guilt as a weapon to get your way. Thats messed up bro

You're a loser because you don't consume nothing but soy and prep the bull nightly. REAL men suck cock and proudly raise their wife's black son.

I'm eating a 24-ounce porterhouse steak right now, and there ain't shit you can do about it.

That's exactly what the vegans are doing by protesting.



As a vegetarian, I find this hilarious tbh. It's the equivalent of feeling bad for niggers on TV because they show you starving black babies in Africa. I don't give a fuck

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Dude, Id pull up a chair and watch, processing animals is a useful fan, especially if shit hits the fan and no one is making soy pills anymore.

Depends, if they are halal and kosher they pleed its neck, but vegans ignore that because they realize they go to jail for islamphobia/anti semitism they wont have the luxury to be vegan.

This is how to process a deer

You are all disgusting.

Doesnt work bud, I dont feel guilty


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You're a dumb faggot

You are like an Italian mother trying to guilt trip people into doing what you want.

For big tough meat eaters, you guys seem prettttty upset.

Oh boy you really pissed me off now

Why do you care so much about how other people choose to live?

You are the guy who was baited into replying again, kek

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Check out their menu great restaurant actually

For a follow up on this article: despite the best efforts of the vegan protesters, Antler's business is booming. They are basically booked solid for the next month. According to the co-owner and chef of the restaurant (the guy doing the butchering) the protest and his antics ended up being very good publicity, and attracted many new customers to their relatively young restaurant. Many commented on how they were looking for a restaurant in Toronto that served a variety of wild game, and the protest alerted them to Antler's existence. And, on the humorous side, they even have a wide variety of vegan options on their menu in order to appeal to the dietary needs of their customers.

Next time I hit the city, I might just visit; I've been looking for some good Bison ever since I had some in Alberta, and apparently this place is pretty good.

Pretty sure the deer didn't give a fuck at that point. Don't ever go to a habachi grill or you'll have a seizure.

Com'on guy. We should be plant pushing, not meat shaming.

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Vegans have mental issues and chef are narcissistic fags.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

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Reminder: Vegans aren't people and should be mocked and derided at every opportunity.


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Guns are for cowards

The trolls in this thread are too live, it's not okay.

"Guns are for cowards." said user before he was shot in the head by a government official/LEO/NWO merc/hostile foreigner/etc.
If you want to be another non-violent pacifist that gets killed…that's your business, but please don't expect anybody to be that naive. Also, it's just some redneck shooting a horse. Try not to shill or cry all the time.

Fucking chinks have a dirty way of prepping rabbit. His methods are unclean.

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Fuck those fanatics

oh, grow up, for christ's sake

Honestly the kid is probably better off dead then raised as a vegan.

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as opposed to a live one?
The leg has already been processed most of the way. It's not like he trotted in a live deer, slaughtered it, and hacked the leg off in front of them. I suppose rare steaks should be unappetizing since they still look something like raw meat.

Venison is delicious, one of the best meats I've ever had.


Some vegans are so extremist in their beliefs they dont breast feed belirving mothers dairy is unhealthy… allegedly.