Marijuana Use Associated With Increase in Cigarette Smoking

Marijuana smokers were nearly three times more likely to begin smoking than non-marijuana smokers, a study from Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health concluded.

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I quit cigarettes when I discovered weed.

Same here, dropped tobacco like a bag of wet shit.

Daily reminder that weed will never be illegal because jews profit off prohibition

Fake news

I think you mean tobacco. The drug war was never about the health of the public. If it was cigs would be first to go. It was always about making money

lol you really think that smoking weed instead of cigarettes makes the smoke you inhale any healthier?

there wasn't one

this is true. my friend (black) smokes weed and he started puffing on black and milds (shitty cheap cigarillos) and started smoking camels. mind you, this dude is making $9/hr and working like 20 hours a week and he complains about being poor

Yes. One causes cancer and one is used to treat it. One is highly addictive and the other isn’t (unless you buys into (((psychological))) addiction).

Right, that’s why weed is a schedule one because it’s more dangerous that coke (schedule 2) right?

I don't think you understand what "war" means, retard
inhaling smoke is always hazardous
you seem to have problems with a lot of words
smoke less weed

There's been a lot of anti weed sentiment in the news lately, contrasted to the DUDE WEED LMAO culture I always see being pushed by liberal outlets. I wonder what the bagels are up to.

I smoke both weed and tobacco. I recently started to mix them and smoke together to save money on both and also put less tax on my lungs. I do believe I just enjoy the sensation of smoking, as I can quit either with little consequence save for some irritability if I lay off the cigs.

Weed is only illegal still because the bagels can't find a steady way to profit from it. Any of these health related studies that paint it in a bad light are propaganda. It's only as bad as alcohol and cigs and should be regulated as such. However I would never buy Marlboro brand marijuana I can tell you that much.

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I used to smoke a pack a day then I got into weed now I smoke 1 joint over the course of a day.

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I might write shitty but at least I’m not dumb enough to think cigs and weed smoke are the same thing. You would know that if you ever left your house. But hey at least you got spelling down

Don't be a faggot.
You are not Dutch.

Smoke is bad.
Almost as bad as heat on the lungs.
If you were, you would not smoke.
You would make butter, or some shit.
And quit cigs.

Since all oils have smoking point.

Not surprised, fags can't stop sucking dick everywhere they go.

Bull shit. I've quit smoking cigarettes for a year now but cannabis still keeps me from killing myself due to the daily mundanity.

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The amount of cannabis needed per stick of butter is at least a quarter ounce. ~$10/g x 7= ~$70 per stick of cannabuuter. Now imagine you don't get the recipe right and lose potency. You just lost some of the value attempting to make the butter when you could have packed a little bit into a bong and use water filtration to lessen some of the ash, and make that quarter ounce last you a month..

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Your a special kind of faggot huh? Yes, smoke is bad for you, no ones debating that. But smoking weed and smoking cigs aren’t the same thing and shouldn’t be treated the same way. It’s apples and oranges.

Anyone who’s as ignorant on the subject as you but talks like an expert if pretty fucking stupid. May you be sober forever


It’s cool kid.




Yes, of course. Let me guess…you know nothing of the research that's been done for decades and have only been drinking the kool-aid?

It's been shown time and time agian in lab settings to destroy cancer cells

Does that include lung cancer?

Yes retard, which is why MJ death is at 0. if it caused lung cancer like cigs then the death rate wouldn't be at 0…

>being completely wrong about the issue but instead of a doing one (((google))) search you red text and cap lock because someone pointed out how wrong you are

Why is it the dumbest people talk the most shit?

Because they are different you big dummy. If the effects are the same, then why do you get high on weed but not cigs. FFS

Just stfu and gtfo before you say some more dumb shit

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>use of carcoginic drug pushed by (((popular culture))) leads to an increase in use of a different cancerous drug pushed by (((popular culture)))
color me surprised that idiots who are stupid enough to kill their lungs are stupid enough to kill their brains.

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