The world’s most expensive painting cost $450 MILLION because two Arab princes bid against each othe

Two Arab princes accidentally cost themselves $450 million in an anonymous bidding war over a Da Vinci painting - because each thought the other was their rival Qatar, according to palace sources.

Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Salvator Mundi' sold at an auction last November for an eye-watering $450.3 million.

Documents leaked to the New York Times the following month revealed the buyer was Saudi Prince Bader bin Abdullah.

Palace insiders said the purchase was on behalf of his close friend, the country's crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

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okay one of them did

Easter has come early this year. Christianity will reclaim the holy land, one Da Vinci painting at a time

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What a coincidence, I just spent 450 million lira on a famous saudi painting.
Which one, you ask. Why, the one by the famous saudi painter!

Why are these fucking dune-coons allowed to come into ownership of Aryan art?

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Because Islam is such a retarded religion that you're not allowed to depict Muhammad in paintings so the Arab World even in the golden age was artistically bankrupt when it came to religious art

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Because the art is owned by (((them))) and they do not give a shit about the sanctity of Christian paintings.

You do realize they're going to destroy it, right?

They wouldn't destroy something that's now worth half a billion dollars. People buy and trade art at lavish prices because they're valuable assets that are added to ones total worth.

this. It's another investment.
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The only reason why this richfag bought is so expensively is because he thought that he was betting against his rival. It's not an investment because no one is going to pay more for it. No fucking way.

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We should take their money and their lives. These oil rich goat fuckers shouldn't be stealing our heritage.

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And have another.

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Fucking talentless hacks with money they don't deserve to own.

That is such a a stupid idea. How do you decide if someone deserves their own money?

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Wrong. This is the price it will cost to have it obliterated from history. It's fair tbh, only christcucks care about it anyway.

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