9th Circuit Judge “Liberal Lion” Reinhardt Dies - Trump Gets Huge Appointment


The Anti-Trump 9th Circuit Court has been one of the enormous problems for the President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump - and now one of his leading adversaries in the left wing courtroom has passed away - with the far-left “Liberal Lion” Judge Stephen Reinhardt having died at 87-years-old.

Reinhardt was as far left as they come, once voting to declare the "Pledge of Allegiance" unconstitutional, a ruling that was of course inevitably overturned.

President Trump has been at odds with the 9th Circuit, who have attempted to shut down every method of the President's “travel bans” in the past, even prompting the Trump Administration to suggest they're willing to challenge the ruling in the Supreme Court.

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Oh shit its gonna be sn obstruction shill fest on capitsl hill.

Lets hope those liberal cunts at the Supreme Court also kick the bucket soon

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talk about an oxymoron


The pledge needs to come back, fuck the 9th circuit. Trump needs to replace all these liberal fags.

don't be surprised if CNN is going to be blaming russian assassin hackers

I dunno. It seems like people should hold off on appointing judges until the next election cycle like they did with Obama. It's only fair.

Do not Bully Leongramm Reinhardt from LotGH

I think they mean this Lion

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You can tell this is a kike and not a German. Look at that scheming face

And how fucking dare his family take the same last name as Reinhart from LotGH

Isn't this the cunt who kept blocking everything and is like Hawaii or some shit?


Yes. It's not Ginsberg in the Supreme Court, but this is probably more important since the 9th Circuit is the court doing all of the obstructing.

So instead of suiciding like 100 personal body guards he's offing actual players in the game? Good.

Trump curse I swear.


mutt knowledge on full display
it's kikes that steal German names to blend in, not the other way around, genius

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Do you 'sperg out every time you see (((-berg))), (((-stein))), or (((-man))) too? What's your fucken point, Europoor?

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