Japan whalers return from Antarctic hunt after killing 333 whales


Japanese whaling vessels returned to port on Saturday after catching more than 300 of the mammals in the Antarctic Ocean without facing any protests by anti-whaling groups, officials said.

A fleet of five whalers set sail for the Southern Ocean in November, as Tokyo pursues its "research whaling" in defiance of global criticism.

Three of the vessels, including the fleet's main ship, the Nisshin Maru, arrived in the morning at Shimonoseki port in western Japan, a port official said.

The fleet caught 333 minke whales as planned without any interruption by anti-whaling campaigners, the Fisheries Agency said in a statement.

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So why are they doing this again? I always thought it was to flood their home markets with cheap mercury filled meat to bring out as many autists as possible in an attempt to create a new wave high functioning savants…



Well, now I know who won the Whale Wars.

So… What did they learn? I'm interested, at this point, in what exactly Japan is putting out in research on the subject of whales.

Which sauces they taste best with.

p.s. you're welcome world.

Back when it was actually challenging whaling had some honor but nowadays its as easy as elephant poaching.

300 seems like too many whales killed. There cant be that many of the fuckers, they're huge arent they?

So is the Ocean.

it's just a fish like many others

Whales are mammals


nippon banzai!!!!!

They only whaled in self defence.


What the fuck is it with the Japanese and whaling? Why they so obsessed with slaughtering them?

Its just part of the "nature is infinite and there are no consequences to unstopped consumerism" bullshit that is going on everywhere.

But it's not even popular in Japan anymore, in fact the market is so flooded the government started adding it to school lunches just so it wouldn't go to waste despite the level of mercury in whale meat being 600% higher than what's considered safe.


Bullshit. They don't have breasts, they don't have hair. They have fins: they're fish.

Carl Linnaeus ova here

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Don't worry user, they called it "research" so it's okay. Not like the Japanese govt. has a severe Yakuza problem and this is just an excuse to keep an unnecessary business afloat for their version of filthy kikes or anything.

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1) Tradition
2) Whale meat is cheap

Top kek.

Is the goal to wipe this species off the planet or some shit?

Surprising number of nips ITT


Not an explicit mammalian trait, some insects and a few species of birds have breast like adaptations, so do a few very rare species of fish and 1 or 2 dolphin species
Flys and spiders and even fleas have hair, are they mammals?
Whales don't have fins except on their tail, which aren't technically fins, you brainlet.
They have appendages designed for flapping in the water, not fins, which to anyone with a slight know how in this field (even just reading the wiki page) you'll know that "fins" is just the pleb way of saying "the thing's that make the fish go forward"
Fins do not have articulation and are for increasing swimming ability in water, they're hyrofoils, technically.

The only thing that define a mammal/reptile/avian is their reproduction cycle and how they go about it, also how their bone structure is set up is a dead giveaway.
you can visibly see the similarities between a sperm whale skeleton and a hippo, you can define how the sperm whale and the hippo separated in evolutionary terms and point out how the two environments they've been living in has caused the whale to evolve in separate and distinct ways from the hippo but ultimately they still look after their young after birth and the young required a maturation period in which they MUST be in contact/supervision with the parents otherwise they won't learn the things required to survive.

Mammals don't have initiate knowledge of how to survive, they must learn it from their parents.

Good for them. A drop in the bucket tbh, but every little bit helps.

actually it is, and actually… they do


Double checked

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Fuck whales. Only leftycucks care about whales.