Trump loads another tweet into the chamber — and fires on Amazon again

A day after reports suggested Donald Trump has it in for Amazon, the U.S. president added gasoline to the fire on Thursday, tweeting that the company is dodging its tax obligations.

The company — or more specifically its CEO Jeff Bezos — is a frequent target of the president. Amazon founder Bezos also owns the Washington Post, one of the newspapers that has been most critical of his administration's moves.

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Wtf I love monopoly now

Nice dubs. Trump is right, again. If you think Facebook is bad, Amazon is far worse.

This is probably one of those things that's true on a technicality, and Amazon is dodging its tax obligations, but legally through some loophole. Kind of like how blue states used to legally dodge their federal tax obligations because of SALT, which is gone now.


In the same way walmart killed the small town
Amazon has killed the medium town
You are mostly all 12 year olds so this is like all wtf.
But America used to be cool.

yeah I'd much rather pay too much for groceries and other simple good because brick and mortar stores have been over built and the entire strtip mall concept is obsolete because internet.

Walmart starting to donate early to 2020 campaign I see.

Bezos will outlast Trump because he's a better tactician and a better businessman.



In the 1600's maybe.

He reinvests profits so he doesn't need to pay taxes on it.
Like I said, he's a smart businessman and the richest man in the world. I guess that's because he "doesn't make any money" amirite?
Put your diaper back on and get to work, leftypol

So what you're saying is… he has no money. He has hypothetical money. And people think he is worth money.

Yes, he lives in a hypothetical mansion and pays for all of the finest luxuries of life for himself and his family with the hypothetical money he doesn't earn because his company makes no money.
Does that clarify things for you? Try to keep up.

Pitiful. I hope you are at least logically consistent and think that the Rothschilds are great as well.

He doesn't live there. Don't be ridiculous. He lives at work.

scraping that barrel aren't we.

Might makes right. Exploiting a system for personal benefit and survival is Darwinian winning. Get stuffed, commie!

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