Beatings, electric shock treatment and forced starvation for LGBT+ community in ‘secret' Chechnya pr

Severe beatings, electric shock treatment and forced starvation continue to be perpetrated against the LGBT+ community in Chechnya, a leading Russian NGO has said.

At least 36 people have suffered “abusive treatment” in secret prisons over the past year according to the Russian LGBT Network, an NGO based in St Petersburg, which cited testimonies alleging the abuses were “directed by the highest officials of Chechnya”.

“The victims were subjected to tortures, humiliations, and other measures that harm their physical and psychological well-being,” the group said.

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So… did the therapy work?

Good, faggots deserve it.

every last one deserves the rope

politics is one thing, but degenerate losers such as yourself who care about what kind of sex other people are having just exposes you for the sad, jealous virgin you are. the general understanding is live and let live. the moment you start caring about what other people do in their bedrooms you lost the game.

learn what words mean before you use them, aids patient

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pride parades take place in their bedrooms?

Somebody call Pence

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you know he wouldn't actually do any of those things, right?

You will hang first

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This "general understanding" is a poisonous one for the overall society.

What a shock.

As soon as they take it to the streets with parades it has left the bedroom and is free game for punishing.

The most menial non-issues get you
and think you can kill anything besides your own sperm?

Rule Of Thumb:

I don't believe in, disbelieve, or care

That's all (((you))) have isn't it? It's the reply you come back with for everything. Calling someone a virgin. It's insane how much you value sex outside of a stable marriage.

at least they do something to stop it

meanwhile white bois in west sponsor and give money to lgbt groups and make sure pride parades happen every year


Эй, аноны. Слушайте сюда. Russian here.

As much as I support torturing degenerates, the actual victims of those camps are most likely not homos, but political opposition. They know that nobody here would life a finger to help a pidor. It's Chechens we're talking about. Perhaps there are indeed faggots there, too, but I suspect it's mostly just a cover-up.

I'd be all for those camps, tho, if I knew that people there are actual degenerates, and not just inconvenient to the government.

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only faggots and kikes care about (((democracy)))

Not really about democracy m8. I wouldn't want to go to such a camp, just because I happened to cut off a son of a governor while on the road.

looks like we just found the guy who is unlikely to ever get married, because he's in denial about his eternal virginal dilemma, too afraid of rejection to assert himself sexually, and always falling back on his bullshit distraction technique of claiming he's remaining a virgin because he's 'saving himself for marriage'…


delusional inexperienced guys like you are the types that use the term "making love" when you're talking about 'fucking'. you're a melodramatic, effeminate, hopelessly sissified romantic.

People DON'T 'make love'….


And it begins by people FUCKING EACHOTHER… you won't end up 'in love' with everybody that you fuck… It's hit or miss… Trial by error…

But you're NEVER going to fall in love with somebody and marry them until you go through the sex process first…

You're the type of toddler that's seen too many Disney movies, and you believe that one day, you'll meet some virgin Snow White Princess, and you'll be her virgin 'Prince Charming', and you'll both fall in love at first sight, then get married, and live happily ever after…


I'd suggest you invest in another year long subscription to pornhub and a lot of lotion…

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The russian fags in the OP never participated in a single pride parade, and most likely never will considering russia's culture. Why should they be tortured then?

Nice false equivalence.

because they're faggots, faggot

WTF happened to your generation?

the military once 'toyed' with the idea of a bomb that would release a gas, that when inhaled, would turn soldiers into effemininity flaming homosexuals…

…I'm beginning to think they actually tested it on your entire generation

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You won't be saying this when the shoe is on the other foot, faggot.

Approximately one in ten humans is homosexual…

I'd call this 'a nice start', but when are we going to get to work on the other 90% ?

gtfo and take your kike fairytales with you

The Russians are beginning to remind me a lot of Hitler…

A good idea, yet flawed due to it's myopic aperture… it's limited scope…

why stop there?

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They should have used executions.

the way humans treat animals, nothing could possibly make me any happier than a worldwide elimination of the entire human race, including myself, by the cruelest, most torturous means possible… are stories like this supposed to stir up indignancy? if so, they have the total opposite effect on me.

It was good for a momentary smile, but I'm waiting for something MUCH bigger before you'll get a standing ovation out of me…

fuck the human race…

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You're not very smart, are you? I'm saying you wouldn't be thinking that way if it were you who people wanted to lynch, because of something you do that doesn't even affect them…
Maybe instead of going after others for their private sex lives you could go after the real faggots who make it public instead (i.e. parade queens, education revisionists…etc).



No one's forcing them to do anything. There are people who want to bone guys in private, and then there are fags who won't shut up about it and want everyone to be like them. They both chose how to behave, only one made the wrong choice and should be punished for it.


This thread is about faggots, you disingenous faggot. Faggots are all about recruiting/raping kids.

I actually got a couple of Chuckles out of that video, although quite honestly, I prefer the video of the Lions attacking and killing the worthless piece of shit nigger poacher who had just killed their cubs. But thank you.

I agree totally, but I still say Hitler was small minded, and he should've targeted the entire human race.

lol @ you suggesting heterosexuality is 'degenerate'

(That's just your way of patting yourself on the back, and trying to rationalize the fact that you are a sexless effeminate little sissy boy, who is highly unlikely to ever get married or have children)

The lion ate the entire nigger, but left his head untouched.. understandable, given the nature of niggers 'hair'….

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In that case, by all means lynch them… I was responding to the anons saying how all gays in russia deserve the torture, even the ones who kept it to themselves.

I didn't spoke about the practice i spoke about the "live and let live" mentality being you fags only argument. Do the world a favor and rush yourself down your grave ASAP.


We take a break from our regularly scheduled disagreements to bring you a message from Johnny Neptune….

I want you guys to listen to this short song and pay attention to the words.
It has nothing to do with the topic at hand here right now, and everything to do with each of our own personal lives and our tiny microcosm in the overwhelming Human Condition…

I wish nothing but the best for all of you

I entertain myself by being a protagonist a lot of the time and perhaps that is a character flaw manifested in a behavioral disorder, but I think it's important that each and every one of you realize something…

I don't hate anybody for their disgusting sexual preference or the nasty color of their skin or their delusional religion or their repugnant nationality…

This song is for each and everyone of you… Believe it or not, it was written by Dolly Parton… It's so beautiful and elegant, that it brings tears to my eyes.

This is my message straight from my heart, special for you… I'm confident you can afford to take out a few minutes of your 'busy schedule' and meditate on all of our collective an individual futures with me…


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What's wrong with it? It holds as long as the person is not affecting your life with his actions and vice-versa. It clearly doesn't hold in the case of fags putting it in your face but otherwise it does.

you excuse one degenerate activity and others follow

To be very honest, i honestly cannot exactly pinpoint why this mentality itches me. I always thought it had something wrong with it. I was about to write further but got it simpler: Live and let live is a slippery slope mentality. Excuse the fact that i've fucked your child (which in turn is going to be a degenerate in the future), i'm just hebephile! live and let live right?

Just because of your post, I hope they get beat, starved and shocked EVEN HARDER

there is pretty much nothing wrong with child brides over 200k straight males married young girls in US. Many do it all over world.

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a fallacy
You're not wrong though, it could and will lead to bad things, but it's up to us to draw the line somewhere. Having an internet connection could be a slippery slope to owning/distributing CP, but the sensible man draws the line there and uses his internet wisely. Same with choosing a partner, it would be sensible if an adult chose another adult, but it wouldn't be sensible if an adult chose a child or an animal.

No, because clearly this behavior affects you through your child, it also affects all other children because they cannot consent and are the liability of their parents who are directly affected by what happens to their kids… Children in particular deserve special protection, someone else abusing their child doesn't affect you however that doesn't give him or her the right to abuse.

Нормально сказал, 8мачую

Based Chechnya.
I wouldn't let a cockroach live and I sure as fuck don't want to let a faggot live.

What a strange looking bedroom these upstanding gentlemen have.

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Except it isn't.

Except it isn't one


Slippery slope is not a fallacy. There are many instances throughout history in which slippery slope arguments have been proven to be correct.

for Russia is impossible to have some gays or lesbians in their community , because they have such a big place , and so small amount of people living there

They deserve it for raping kids tbh

What in the flying fuck is that in the picture? Looks like one of the "give me a quick rundown" bros in a wig?

How to spot the hole

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you go to the parade so you can complain about it?

you homophobic neets are such fucking losers i feel bad for you have fallen so hard. i cant even imagine what people think of you lol literal degenerates

I laughed so hard at that infographic.
I thought you stole a feminist graphic and changed it to be about men for a second.
Men are being taught to have a victim mentality nowadays, how sad. Man up.

Everyone is taught to have a victim mentality nowadays.
It's just a sign of the changing times.
That's not going to work on someone who actually believes what that graph has to say.

I always see that neet in the pic as Bobby Hill all grown up.