Sessions Talks Marijuana With Anti-Legalization Canadian Senators

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sat down on Wednesday with three Canadian senators who are trying to defeat efforts to legalize marijuana in their country.

“The legalization of marijuana in Canada could have profound effects in our interaction with our closest neighbour and friend, the United States,” said Sen. Denise Batters. “In our review of this legislation, Conservative Senators have discovered many unintended consequences stemming from the Trudeau Government’s haste to implement legalization. We are here to further explore and address some of the international implications with our most important trading partner.”

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When has prohibition ever worked? Fuck off with this shit already. Let the people have their drugs.



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All recreational drugs should be felonies because drugs pull people away from God. This includes (((alcohol))) and (((cigarettes))). The only drug you need is the Scripture

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What this goy said, you gotta keep ya plants illegal and buy my pharmaceuticals. Oy vey, when will ya bastids learn.

I wonder why nobody ever wants to look at the reason why a person might want to numb the reality of their existence.

Because its obvious? Life sucks, people want to escape it. Nothing new there.

is this the reality in muttland?


Is it confirmed Sessions owns alcohol/tobacco stocks?

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Dionysus is back, and we have to fight for our right to party

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Drugs are bad mkay

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