Mexico formally asks US to clarify Trump's border remarks

Mexico's ambassador to the U.S. said Tuesday that his country has formally asked the Trump administration to clarify the president's announcement that he is planning to deploy troops along the U.S. southern border.

"The Mexican government has formally asked for clarification of the president's statements, both through the State Department and the Homeland Security Department," Gerónimo Gutiérrez said on CNN International, adding that he had personally spoken to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

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how is it any of Mexico's business as long as they don't cross the border?

Can we already just nuke Mexico? Seriously, what does the Mexican government and people do other than work for or provide smoke screen for the cartels?

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Mobilizing troops to a border territory is always perceived as something to be wary of by the neighboring country for this action to happen extensive info must be gathered on the motives of the mobilization, and of course action must take place, as the northern territories are criminal syndicate controlled and they may as well be outside the law, the Mexican army must be prepared to move north and with the risk of being attacked by burgers and by their own traitorous kind.

Our motive is to protect what we got and not give it to a bunch of wetbacks who can’t/won’t do it for themselves

That's bullshit. Why would US want to free Mexico? They just want to secure their border because their own government border agents have their hands tied with sissy rules.

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Mobilising troops is always something that gets neighbouring countries concerned, massing them along a shared border can look like a prelude to invasion.

honestly, if the trump administration decides to declare war against the cartels/crooked mexican government, then that might actually do some good

why in the world would we invade Mexico? Even Mexicans hate Mexico because it’s so shit

All your points are valid but SJW’s won’t let it happen because virtue signaling and MUH DRUMPH

What part of "You do nothing to stop this" you don't understand Mexico?

MEXICANS: finally, niggers have someone they can look down on

The only thing stupider than a Mexican is the idiot in the white house

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Unless you know exactly why and are part of the problem, then you are just being facetious with the issue as usual.

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Quick to judge aren't we? Of course i know why having non-friendly troops on the border represents a danger but in no way am i a part of your perceived "problem" right now.
>then you are just being facetious with the issue as usual
You speak of me like you have been reading every post of mine on this board.

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Underage detected. We've had military deployments on the border as far back as 1989, according to DOD and DHS news releases on the deployment, and no one is trying to refute them. Having to finally take responsibility for their proud shithole is the only reason why the Mexican government is worried this time.

Pretty sure we're trying to stop the ongoing Mexican invasion of America.