Mexican senators call on Peña Nieto to halt cooperation with US after Trump attacks

Mexican senators are calling on Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to halt the nation's cooperation with the U.S. on various issues after President Trump went on the attack against the country.

Mexico senators unanimously approved a nonbinding statement Wednesday that says the government should suspend joint efforts "in the fight against transnational organized crime" until Trump exhibits "civility and respect that the people of Mexico deserve," The Associated Press reported.

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Existing does not make you worthy of civility and respect.

We've been at war with Mexico for a while now. We just didn't know. They didn't let their people come over here for no reason.

Read up on the Zimmerman Letter.

It's just like that but without declaring war.

Mexico worked with the US? Now that's a good joke mi amigos

The black hats did and do

We won before, and we'll do it again, and this time we'll take considerably more land.

During manifest destiny the military should have toured until central America hits Columbia because we wouldnt have the mexico problem as we do today…

Remember the Alamo! Davy Crockett did nothing wrong!

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What part of theres as army of invaders ready to invade the US that are being aided by Mexico does Mexico not understand?

Your average Mexican has an IQ of 82

Civility and respect to the taco nigger is strength and violence. They're asking Trump to bomb the fuck out of their proud shithole without realizing it, because they're taco niggers.

It's 89, actually. A few points behind the average Irishman, at 92.

Mexicunts are working hand in hand with the cartel. They don't even allow citizens to arm themselves for protection unlike the Philippines. The very act of looking the other way while gang members sneak across the border en masse with drugs is pretty much an act of war.

If you know what's going on, you know no one has cooperated with Trump from the start. This is just making it more public.

Respect is earned. Let Mexico publicly state what they've done to deserve respect and we'll measure it to determine if we need them more than they need us

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What will Mexico Do?

Recall everyone of their Matricula Consular Document Holders in Protest?

What'cha gonna do? Tweet them to death?

As in all of Northern Chihuahua, Sonora, Tamaulipas & Baja?

Remember all those wealthy leisure class Americans living around Guadalajara. Don't force the Cartels to make Ceviche out of them.

They really didn't fucking think this through.


Not to mention the "civility" and "respect" they are alluding to is allowing illegals into the US.

Mexican here, I can confirm it is an act of football soccer.

"soccer" is the reason why all happens in mexico, and cheap beer to a lesser degree.

The problem is your politicians never say it like it is, they never outright say Mexicans are aiding criminals ( which they are ) I just saw on the news how they were entertaining reggaeton kids while instructing their parents on how to sneak in to US.

The worst part of being Mexican is that people around me behave like niggers but instead of being 7 foot tall hulking masses of man-beast they are stupid little shits.

Really if 30% of the populace was armed criminals would not have the power they have today.

And this is all fault of soccer.

Well talking about those IDs… why didn't the government just punishes companies that accept that card as a valid ID? genuinely asking, do every country has those?

Holy shit let's just annex Mexico already and get rid of the dumb beaniggers in the government.

Now I like to see them to say that to the Mexicans. Mexicans knows that they are in bed with the drug warlords. Frickin' hypocrites.

open hostilities against civilians can be dealt with more severity than a few machete powered murders, remember that my amigo.

All of this twitter trolling is justTrump Negotiating Hard.

They never got past The Apprentice into Journeyman & Master levels.

Trump learned his shit grovelling at the feet of Leona Helmsley.

Companies? Entire states issue ID's based on these documents.

All that a Matricula Consular means is that the Mexican Government declares the holder to be from Mexico.

(kind of like a diploma, really) (Chilaquiles Technical College)

Actually us citizens have the same iq of a mexican or less…