China Vows to Fight Trump Tariffs `to the End' as Tension Rises

China said it would counter U.S. protectionism "to the end, and at any cost," as a war of words over President Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs on Chinese imports escalated.

After Trump ordered his administration to consider tariffs on an additional $100 billion in Chinese goods on Thursday, sending U.S. stock futures tumbling, China’s Commerce Ministry said in a statement in Beijing Friday that the nation doesn’t want a trade war, but is ready to fight one.

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Tariffs on another nation wouldn't be causing such a fucking shakeup in the stock market if companies hadn't spent the last several decades outsourcing their manufacturing.

Great can't wait until China fucks themselves so that they can look tough. How many billions do you think they'll starve to death with their stupidity this time?

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they're used to starving to death. it's the communist way.

this is how your starve half your country to death

You would think they would learn how not to do that after the second or third time but here we are.

Theres actually a lot of advantages to 1/3 of your population starving to death.
Imagine how much less traffic there would be on the roads if 33% of people just died.

It's the duty of the state to prevent people starving to death in large enough numbers to be inconvenient.

I think it depends who you ask.

If you ask the people who have starved to death they would probably find it very inconvenient. But they are dead so their opinion doesnt really count.

If Communist China could only grow enough food to feed 600 million people, and the country has 700 million people then it is convenient that 100 million die.
Its also fucking brutal and inhuman but that is commuinism for you. Lets just say people like Stalin and Mao were not humanitarians.

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I've heard China's fascinating history of self-cucking is ancient. Like the one time a would-be state official was so ass blasted at failing the exams to become a statesman, he convinced everyone that he was Jesus Christ and started a war that killed 10 - 20 million people, or some other ridiculously high number. That's so absurd, I wonder if it's true. Maybe it is, because, as you said, here we are again.

The state hardly cares the condition of the people's lives, so long as they produce more than they consume and they don't threaten to obstruct the state. I don't imagine the PRC is terribly benevolent with welfare, so it stands to reason most of the working age population is some form of tax payer or otherwise a beneficial worker.
Losing a third of China's population may marginally better the lives of the survivors, but the state/economy loses citizens who could be used for more/cheaper labor. Potential conscripts are also dead in their homes instead of a battlefield somewhere. Cost of labor goes up as there is less of it, since more work is demanded and it needs to be competed for.
When Europe lost a third of its population to the Black Death, the lives of the peasant class grew better, but no one thinks it was good for the aristocracy or the kingdoms as a whole.

Normally I'd say how this'll affect both nations in unpleasant ways but you're right, this is China we're talking about.

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No you got that wrong user it was he convinced everyone he was Jesus's brother.

The audacity of these savages. Theyd still be a 3rd world country if we didnt help them, now they make threats when we treat them fairly?

let them starve

Yes this is China. The country with an average national IQ of 102 compared to the United States at 98.



Auguring in.

Nothing like a Mach 3 Impact with a Economic Solid Front.

We didn't help them in order to be fair - we helped them to earn their trust.

Then enslave them.


Yet the US hasn't had massive famines throughout it's entire history. Unlike China.

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Nogs only drag the US down to 98? Damn, white people are smart.

I'm not even sure how this works. We owe China money. China owns US debt. Do we raise taxes on imported goods to pay China back or continue letting them flood the market with cheep goods made with borderline slave labor? One way, they possibly get paid back. The other way we continually dig a deeper hole.

Too bad all of them got killed in Tiananmen square

no, the whites bring it down too. all that trailer trash in the south. the only thing that brings the average up is the asian-americans. they're smart at everything like math and science.

meaning the chinese, bringing up the american iq too.

america is built on profit>everything right now. henry ford had this crazy idea that he would pay his workers good so they could afford his cars and also spread good word about the company. now companies just treat workers wages as a complete write off and then are completely shocked when those workers all have to go to wal-mart to get imported chinese goods because thats all they can afford now making those wages actually a write off encouraging companies to pay even elss whenever possible or just straight up outsource. america is dying and there's nothing you can do to change it