Sugar taxes improve health of the poor, major study finds

Britain’s “sugar tax” will succeed in improving health among poorer people, the findings of a major international study suggest.

So-called “sin taxes”, such as the Soft Drinks Industry Levy, which comes into force on Friday, are more likely to alter the behaviour of less well-off consumers, the research published in a series of Lancet articles found.

At the same time, the bulk of the financial burden imposed by such taxes tend to be borne by higher-income households

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Good fucking god, why?

Seriously, soft drinks are fucking small time compared to them. I used to struggle with weight until I fucking grew up and learned to read nutrition labels. It cut tremendous amounts of weight when I realized the caloric values of the constituents of foods.

I have a fucking sweet tooth and will occasionally indulge it though. After learning basic nutrition though I'm still more likely to grab the odd diet soft drink over juice and especially fucking milkshakes. I don't even understand how milkshakes are even in a fucking liquid state most of the time. The difference between a soda and fruit juice is also A LOT smaller than I'm comfortable with consuming on a regular basis.

Jean Say figured this shit out almost 200 years ago. Stupid (((Western))) tea nigger education. Nobody needed to pay money for this.

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I started cutting my juice with water. I'm currently man enough to do a 1:6 juice to water cut.


They can't even pretend it's for health reasons?

Can (((they))) be anymore blatant?

Damn that's a deep Revelation, next they'll say that the sky is blue

Because they're already more expensive than soda.


britbongistanis at it again

Let's be honest, if they'd found the opposite, you'd still be saying this, only recommending Hitler's fitness camps instead.


The libertarian in me says that's bullshit, let the people decide for themselves. The realist in me says that people are fucking dumb and are incapable of making good decisions for themselves.

It improves their health alright, by forcing them to buy more expensive things thus they eat less :^)

And even better for government revenue, I suppose politicians will give themselves a pay rise for this decision

Peasants can't make their own decisions? They need to rationalize why your poverty is good for you, because your garbage and you can't control yourself. Aren't they so virtuous to make your decisions for you, keep you where you belong

Why isn't everyone killing? Push then out make your culture what you want it. The jew can push out their nigger but not the white nations.

Honestly, at this point with everything I've learned I only care about the people I've applied extreme vetting to. Everyone else can go hang, and I don't even see how this is "edgy". It seems more realistic to care about people you actually know than abstract humanity as a whole, or at best, sub-groups created for the purpose of political coalitions. I should be allowed to eat sugar, and all of my friends and family should be allowed to eat sugar, because we're responsible, but I don't give a fuck if random joe fuckistan can't because once he starts he can't stop until he's 700lbs and has no teeth. Personally, I'd rather he'd be left to fuck himself up, but then that pushes costs up for the people I care about, so fuck him. The smart and worthwhile just break the law and do what they want anyway. The law is for worthless stupid plebs who can't figure out how to get around it without being caught. Equality is gay. Freedom is gay. The only thing that truly matters is power. That's the true pill, kids.

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