Iraqi courts seeking out atheists for prosecution

Arrest warrants have been issued for four Iraqis on atheism charges, according to Dhi Qar province's Garraf district judiciary. The announcement garnered quite a reaction on media and social networks, as some say these hunts infringe on the rights of the Iraqi people, whose constitution guarantees them freedom of belief and expression. Other observers say the campaign has political aspects.

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An atheistic society is a free thinking society that cannot be easily controlled like religious sheep can.
It's purely a Machiavellian maneuver to preserve and maintain power.

This is why North Korea is known as the most free thinking society in the world

Good! Just like Europeans put people in prison for wrong think and Nazism since they view it a threat to society, we should be able to protect society of cancer that is atheism. Indoctrinating children to atheism and having the "freedom" to spread degeneracy, porn and marxism won't be allowed. Fuck your "freedom" of jewing. Atheists BTFO.

and not one atheist will suddenly have anything to say about it
cowards btfo

they worship their leader

Worshiping "Great Leader" is the antithesis of atheism. Communism is a religion where the god is the state, but more realistically the leader, so shit example on your part tbh.

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If we’re going to look at it like that, then every individual is in fact religious, because every individual has something they admire greatly, even if they don’t overtly worship it.

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You can admire something without submitting your will to its authority, especially when that authority is rooted in either bronze age superstition or 20th century flawed economic theory.

Atheists criticize religion on the grounds that it’s baseless bronze age superstition, and therefore irrational, but communist leaders are corporeal beings, and therefore admiring them and submitting to their authority isn’t the same as religion, which requires faith.

You are right though. Nothing controls the atheist society. Even the atheist himself will not control himself. Which is why atheist socities always collapse.

The religious impulse is submission to authority, so it doesn't really matter whether the object of veneration is real or imagined. It's the same disease which is slavery and a willful turning away from independent thinking. It's an infantile impulse which appeals manly to people who afraid to take responsibility for their own lives.

Try again fam

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So is BDSM basically a religion?

Everyone is a slave to their desires. Try and turn away from your desires, and keep away. Go ahead. Do it now. I'm waiting.

It's usually roleplay, so no, unless it's embraced as a lifestyle, in which case, I wouldn't call it a religion as much as a related form of mental illness

So you have a fetish for commies? Good for you.

But what about religions which explicitly promote rejection of authority?

When did I say that? A group of people who don't believe in mythical deities means they think alike on every issue? Nice semantics, fam

So what you’re saying is that if they were religious then they would think the same on every issue?

If you really want to debate, you'll have to flesh out your arguments instead of grasping at straws more and more desperately and vaguely

Why do you keep trying to put words into my mouth? Is it because you don't actually have an argument?

what did he mean by this?

What you implied was that a homogeneously atheist society would be freethinking because they still think differently on different issues, but a homogenously Christian one would be unfree for doing the same.

It's called an idiom, Pajeet.
Here's another one:
Maybe if you keep throwing spaghetti at the wall, something might stick.

But how was I grasping at straws though? You rejected my point on the basis that it was grasping at straws, but still haven’t explained how.

Maybe you need to brush up on your reading comprehension skills and try again:

The theme of the post is about the relative ease of controlling two groups of people, not whether or not they think alike on every issue.
Religious people are already primed for submission and blind obedience to authority, and atheists, generally aren't.
Does that clear things up for you?

Atheism and statism are strongly correlated. I definitely do not trust the average atheist to advocate freedom from authority.

Uh oh, I'm fucked as far as any upcoming 'spring break Baghdad' plans…

I suppose it works out for the better, since Iraqi girls look like shit in a burka swimsuit, and the don't even have Rohypnol available…


You're assuming that all atheists are statists.

How tho?

You’re assuming that all religious are statists.

If you really don't understand how I'm not going to spoonfeed you, so you can claim you "won" the debate and scamper off.

No, I'm assuming they are easily controlled.
Try to keep up

Silly Husseiniggers… If there were actually a 'god', they would've never existed in the first place

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Also, how are religious people more easily controlled? The impulse to submit to authority comes from the sense of security it provides.

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Hurdurr only atheists can think. Religion is set of laws that you have the will to follow or not. No one is forced to follow anything. Your only allowed to think atheism is the correct answer lol.

Hear that? Johnny agrees with you.

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my post was
which you didn't even address.


*folds page one of Genesis into a paper airplane and throws it directly into your eye*

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a meme? I wasn't even in thread when that was posted. Are you gonna tell me how to fix modern atheism or not?

Ow that imaginary paper airplane hurts Johnny. But it’s your imaginary bedtime now.

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I just got 'schooled', because I've been calling idioms 'axioms' this whole time

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I never said there was anything wrong with it. I just think you’re being a pretentious faggot for thinking being atheist somehow put you on a higher level of thinking then us mere religious sheep.

Exactly Johnny. And now it’s time to go back to school.

as the old idiom goes:

If the axiom ain't broke, don't fix it

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(won't that pompous douchebag be surprised in 47 minutes when my paper airplane comes through his mother's air conditioning vent in her basement and pokes his eye out)


Stop trying to be clever and use the school chromebook for something productive, like getting some extra homework done.

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Religious people are easily triggered because confronting anything that challenges you on a logical basis threatens the overly emotional and infantile need for security and meaning. You crave a complete model that puts all the mysteries and uncertainties of life into nice tidy boxes of faith that require no analytical thinking, just blind obedience and submission.

My knees are shaking.

Also, I am a self-aggrandizing namefag punk who enjoys being overly verbose, is too old for the chans, and I do not care whatsoever about your supposed chan culture.

I just want to be a self-righteous prick at all times, weighing in on every topic with great aplomb; because my opinions, and the way I express them are worth more to you little Millenial shits than you will ever understand.

Why do you cherish your pseudonymity anyway, anons? You should be more like me – a 54 year old washed out husk of a man, desperately trying to shore up my last shred of dignity by bragging about my great achievements in life and sharing my every thought and opinion with teenage autists on a Mongolian underwater basket-weaving website.

That's just how I roll!

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If there really were a 'god', you would all be ME

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Congratulations on making it in the nick of time

I think I’ve just discovered why so many atheists still live with their mothers.


try again when you have an actual argument

Nothing gets by YOU, huh ?…

ironic, because in all actuality, I've always found the exact opposite to be true. isn't that strange?

I wasn’t attacking you. I was attacking your argument that seeking higher meaning is inherently negative.

Maybe we all are.
Get off your egoic high horse and recognise non-duality for what it is

If nobody else is going to do it, I WILL…

*stands and applauds you*

isn't atheism a complete model though? Assuming naturalism rather than nu-atheism? Otherwise it'd be agnosticism?


I was making a clever retort, which is what you’ve been trying to do this entire thread. You should realize by now that there doesn’t have to be any actual substance behind it.

Much like the need to believe in an imaginary Jolly Green Giant in the sky, you seem to think I give a flying fuck about your (or anybody else's) alleged 'culture', which has earned my steadfast floccinaucinihilipilification, as always…

…see how easy that was?


Ploxx tell me how to tripfag like a pro

I want a really kewl tripcode

Halp mee pleeze!

who triggered all these atheists wew.

lol you actually thought I have a 'message' ?

you're joking… right?


the triggered victim will always begin by suggesting that HE triggered his victimizer

I don't believe in Santa Claus either, but since I can't prove a negative, semantics fags will argue that I must be "arrogant" for believing something I can't prove. That's the best counterargument they have against common sense (i.e. not believing in imaginary sky wizards).
As far as searching for higher meaning. I think it's mainly the people who perceive their own lives as meaningless or life itself as meaningless who are inclined to seek a ready-made solution which soothes them emotionally and gives them all the answers.
Just don't try to pretend it's an intellectual pursuit instead of a desperate search for emotional refuge.

This is exactly why the original suggestion
was first written.
For idiots like you, Johnny boy!

Once again, nice work. You're brilliant, sir

Lurk my scrotum with your diminutive chin, fuckface

Dub dubs confirms.
I am an idiot.

There are plenty of intellectual arguments for religion, such as the cosmological argument of the prime mover.

Atheists BTFO in Iraq makes me happy not triggered. Nice try though.

Is this the final showdown bread where JohnnyNeptune finally decides to stop namefagging here?
Dis gun b gud!

Iraqi here

Never change, 8ch, never change.

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If belief in a higher power is my way of seeking meaning then posting on semi-obscure internet forums is his

You're not sure if square circles exist or not?

.revom emirp eht for tnemugra lacigolomsoc eht sa hcus ,noigiler roof stnemugra lautcelletni fo ytnelp era erehT


No. I am now, and will always be, a namefaggot. Do not pressure me. I can't take it. I feed trolls unironically.

I realize you’re used to getting likes for podting the spongebob chicken meme on instagram, but there’s no way to like your post here. I’m sorry.

Did somebody say square circles?

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My friend named Stu was a physicist who worked for a defense contractor in Huntsville Alabama (in a literal underground building that was 9 stories completely understand the ground) and since the mathematicians and scientists on the original darknet had encouraged eachother to invite artists, writers & musicians to join and make things more eclectic, he hooked me up with my old Commodore Amiga…

Since April 21st is going to mark the 26th Anniversary of me 'namefagging' online, it would be silly for you to expect me to stop doing what I do.

you'd have more luck preparing for the return of your imaginary 'jesus'.

Ironically, the only reason you embrace atheis is because it makes you feel special and smarter than those around you. If an atheist society were ever actually achieved then you would immediately convert to religion and claim that anyone who followed atheism was an idiot.

No. Nobody said anything ITT.
Johnny boy just got BTFO is all.

god damn autoincorrect typos


Stu worked for a defense contractor in Huntsville, in a 9 story building constructed completely UNDER* the ground

Did I ?… really ?… when did that happen?… I must've missed it…

you're truly prone to delusions, aren't you?

Please help me understand the ground, Johnny.

JohnnyNeptune confirmed as glow-in-the-dark CIA nigger.

Dude, they did not invite you because you're an artist!
They invited you because you're an AUTIST.

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as you've seen demonstrated here today, it's not ME who tries to turn 'every thread I post in' into a thread about me.

in fact, I never do that. It's the OTHER PEOPLE who destroy perfectly good threads by focusing on my presence. Then they turn and point their fingers in my direction, and accuse me of 'derailing' things.

Bullshit… I just came here to ridicule religion and repugnant Iraqis…

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If we start calling (((johnny neptune))) JimmyNeutron will that make him stop?

and a leper can never change his posts

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Blaming "others"!
What else can be expected from a self-absorbed washout like you?
You know how "blame" is spelled, don't you?
B Lame
You are lame, Johnny boy.
Cut off the ego at the root, or don't.
We're waiting…